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2 friends looking For a Real community clan


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Hello, our names are Ruge Shield and Ninja7867. we are looking for a real clan to join ever since we left our old one. we are both lv106 p2p and lv99 f2p, we are looking for a real community clan that acts mature and has fun events. we both like to boss hunt as well as many other mini-games and just plain old fashioned fun things to do. we are mainly looking for a clan that is mature and is always active. we want to see the cc full of life every time we log in lol. our main interests are combat, mini-games, real boss hunting as in like everyone doesn't die as soon as we get there, some skilling, and we really like to talk. we are looking for a clan with an environment where we treat each other with respect and are nice. we don't mind a little nonsense from time to time though. our timezones are PST/CST so only an hour apart.




we want real replies on this thread please, not just some spam or just a copy and pasted message. tell us about your clan and why we should join it. Thank you and have a nice day. feel free to contact either of us on runescape

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Hey Rude and Ninja, my name's Ben and I'm from WS - White Skillers.

We like to do everything at WS from skilling competitions to boss-hunting. We have a list of what events we do on our full recruitment topic; which you can find here.

Our community is quite active & mature. We do like to joke around a lot and have fun though. (:

If you're interested just drop by our site; whiteskillers.co.uk You'll find any information you may need there. (:





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Ninja, Ruge. I'm sure ye remember me from TRR quite obviously, I don't know why ye quit but whatever, it would mean the world to me if ye joined my clan. Ninja, you remember how much you wanted me to stay in TRR with you, here's your chance to join me! Please check us out. :)

Now I could just ramble on about what our clan has to offer, or I could just tell you how much it would mean if ye joined. Its means a lot, no matter how gay that sounds :P


Basically we are the same as TRR, except less drama, fighting and stuff, more relaxed! :D All types of events, warring ect.. Good luck finding a clan, I hope its us you join though. :)


Recruitment Topic is below in a spoiler..




[ «Former TRR Leader» «Former Legacy of Legends Leader» «Former Nexus Member» ]


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Hey guys! My name is Ollie and I'm from the clan Perspicacious. We have lots of active members, and are a very active clan! We are mature, and we do take our clan serious. We have tones of events, and you can request any event that you would like to one of our event coordinators. I'd like to wish you luck on finding the clan for you! I really hope that you guys will check Perspicacious out! Good luck! Thanks, Ollie.


All our information is in the recruitment topic below.











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99% of the people who play mmorpgs play world of warcraft

and if it was wiped from the face of the earth would have no

purpose in life, if you are one of the 1% of us that would be

laughing our awsome runescape butts off,

copy and paste this into your signature.

My You Tube Channel | Play Runescape | My Rune HQ Profile

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Hey there! You seem like a great fit for The Death Monkeighs! Check us out :) We have many different types of events: Boss Hunts, PK events, PvP Events, Skilling Events, Minigames, the list goes on and on! We have about 3 events a day, so there's always plenty for you to do! With 6 strong years of monkeigh fun, we've definitely got what it takes.


Our clan isn't stiff and stuffy like a lot of clans out there. We're constantly adapting and changing to make our community better.


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here, in game or in IRC. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


I know you don't want spammy copy/paste, but here's our clan poster that lists our contact info and some more about us:




A v a .


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Tal Shiar Alliance

Because sometimes, Angels need a sharp sword too...


It was a Friday the 13th in the fall of 2006 when a group of loyal friends broke away from a clan that had no life in it, to start something that we had no idea on how big it would become... This group of friends has now expanded well beyond 40 people and is evergrowing...


It is about time we shared this with more people because you deserve something good too!


You will have seen our banner pretty widespread over this site in the sigs of some of our members... But you will probably have heard of us before...


For a while now we've been the leading clan (activity wise) on Tipit and its forums... We participated in the MSSW3, and did most,

if not all, of the behind the scenes work to make it the success it was (you may remember TS Stormrages posts on the General Discussions, or his Horse flag in the vids)

Our Leader Ts_stormrage himself is a regular Times writer, and a fair amount of us have blogs right here on tipit.


Our clan seems to have a tradition where, should you inquire about joining, you could quite possibly stay there for life,as hardly anyone has ever left our clan.

Most retired but even after leaving still stick around in the IRC daily.

If you dont believe it, just come in and ask anyone in the Chatroom. Unlike most clans we are very IRC based. We prefer talking in real time than posting on the forums that may not be seen.



So what kind of Clan are we? I'd say we fit in the community category because we dont have any strict minimum requirements, but we do not restrict ourselves to specific activities or what not... We will do everything there is to do on RuneScape, and we do it with a passion :)


Some of the events we do I'll list for you:

- Boss Monster Hunting (Mole, KQ, DK, GWD, but Zammy is our favorite)

- CastleWars (our tower defense is nigh unbeatable)

- Clan Wars (both F2P and P2P

- House Parties (often coincide with general clan meets)

- Rogues Den races (with neat rewards)

- Trouble Brewing (the peaceful version)

- Trawler (with pies and booze its especially fun)


We're a peacefull clan, not looking for trouble, and avoiding it when it comes looking for us... But if we are forced to fight, and fight with a purpose, then expect nothing less then masterminded tactics applied to the full potential force that our clan holds... Yes, you read it right, we have yet to lose an organised contest in whatever way, shape or form you can imagine from another clan.



Alrighty, so why join us out of all the other clans?

- We started on Friday the 13th.

- The wilderness and trade updates has hurt many a clans, but not us.

- We are one of the founding Tip It Forum Conclave members.

- We have specialized castes for each combat group, and we'll train you to fit right in.

- The assist system allows you to finish whatever raw materials you may have left but cant use yet (on ANY skill).

- Everyone one of us has a specialist skill in something in game and will teach you about it and help you out with it if you want to know about it.

- You can also expect a decent and intelligent conversation about other non-RS subjects in our Irc-based chat (also accessible through your browser).

- On joining you get a free cookie (or pie).


But most of all stands the one reason why people join a clan... Not for profit, not for fame, but the simple need to give it all a meaning... To share our experiences of both the fantastic, and the mundane... To fulfill the human need to find a kindred, and know in our hearts that we are not alone...


Joining is easy, just come to our chatroom and request an interview...

We dont have strict stat requirements, but try to have some decent levels (1100 total)

Survive the interview, register at the forums

and try to have mIRC or another ircbased chatprogram (Members have experience with both Contact Armybuilder


From then on a trial period ensues, marking you as a Recruit in the TalshiarClan cc in game. After the two-three week trial period is over you shall be brought up to Corporal



Some pictures... From Old to New


Prepping a P2P war against The Demonic Legion



The Penance Queen's final moments, where it's customary to kill all Penance before she arrives




Temple Building




Some Quotes:

Ive been with TSA from the beginning' date=' and I can safely say that if you want a clan with a friendly environment and trustworthy members, this is the clan to be in. Our staff does an amazing job, as I havent once seen the power get to any of thier heads, and theyve been very good at enforcing the rules without being opressive. not only do we have a good clan staff, but the quality of our community, though relatively small, rivals even Tip.It in my opinion. We may not be the most powerful or famous clan out there, but in my opinion, TSA is one of the most respectable, if not [b']the[/b] most respectable clan out there, and I wouldnt leave them even if I was offered a top positon in DI or corr.


TSA is a very good clan' date=' probably the clan I respect the most(besides my own)[/quote']


A really good clan' date=' I hang out in their IRC frequently and I'm never disappointed in the conversation.[/quote']


It seems like it was just a few weeks ago (and it was :mrgreen: ) that I joined the TSA' date=' and so far, I have no regrets. The members are really friendly, active and helpful and it is well-organised to say the very least.


Though as far as I've seen we're not THE best clan around, I'm happy to see we are growing fast and have an abundance of people skilled in a multitude of things. That, and my new clanmates made me feel right at home as soon as my application was officially accepted.


What can I say? Its a great clan, and I look forward to being a clanmember for as long as they allow me to.


=D> to the staff members for their efforts.[/quote']


I have seen first-hand how Tal Shiar operates and I must admit you guy's are very organised at everything which is why I think you win most of CTET's events.



Our Current Memberlist



Any other questions pm Armybuilder


We look forward to hearing from you


The staff of TSA


[spoiler=Clans]Current Events Leader of Tal Shiar Alliance

Current Raid Leader of Wilderness Guardians

Current Old School Power Ranger of Team Power Rangers

Current Member of Clan Europe

Ex Member of Team Dark Legacy (R.I.P)

Ex Paladin of Old Age Militos Deci

Ex Leader of New Age Militos Deci

Ex Early Veteran of Pk Masters (R.I.P)


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hey bro i'm dark and im not gonna give you a printed outline of the clan in a basic copy and paste format dude were an active 100+full member/80+ junior member clan called freedom we are on basically at all times and we do alot of events and wars. the only requirement we have (aside from the lvl requriements) are that you attend 2 events a month but thats not to had we have 15 planned events a month and ive not been here for any month that we don't have 20+ random events.


if you have any questions man you can pm me in game my acct name is DarkL0rdZer0 and ill fill ya in


BTW!!!!! TDM Suckz0rz :D Loverz u AVA (gots promoted to rec leader :D )

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Hey ninja and Ruge! if you guys are still looking for a clan, Blasphemy 96+(with 70 def) is the place for you!we have tons of members always looking for random short prepped events to do like pvm and mini games.our warring is also a great thing to be a part of. If you have swift kit, you can sometimes set up fun events with the clan for the fun of it! If you have further questions feel free to ask me anytime on here, swiftkit, or in game if you find me online(Trevino). hope to see you two fellas around!


Don't tell me skys the limit, when theres footprints on the moon...


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Hello! We definitely are a real, tight knit community. We have plenty of events, about 3 per day, and our clan chat is never empty! We do regular activity sweeps to ensure our member base is 100% active. Our events range from boss killing, pking, skilling, minigames, clan wars, to fun events. If you're looking for a place to find great friends and a mature atmosphere, definitely stop by and take a look :) If you've got any other questions, feel free to pm me!


Here's our clan information:








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Artwork created by Kaio. Click the banner to visit our Recruitment Thread to learn more about FL.




Adventure awaits...

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Hello guys, I'm from Titans Revolution, an all levels clan, and I'm sure everyone would be delighted to have you!


Here is our website - http://z9.invisionfree.com/T_I_T_A_N_S/


And here is our memberlist - http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=titans_rev


Hope you decide to check us out, and good luck!


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hey CursedNinja,


i am mic mic77 from bloodshed empire. a very matur clan with great members. we do f2p events every week! we have gwd almost 1 time a week(if not more), we also have a good amount of f2p event like fog elemental fights ect.we also do p2p events fairly often! and almost every week someone makes members made event, and we also war pretty often. we are a community clan that is event active and irc-cc active we are also forum active­. so if you want more help you can find me in #bse my irc name is mic or you can alwas find me in *clan bse* clan chat, my rsn is mic mic77.





btw, the runehead and forum bottons are clickable, try them out :)


well if you want to try us out theres some info,


irc: #bse


cc: clan bse


gl in finding a clan :D


~mic bloodshed empire's head recruiter

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