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Clan Europe vs Team Extermination


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Clan Europe -vs- Team Extermination

After winning vs PF yesterday we were hungry for more so Tuganinga set up a war with TE. Rules were set smoodly & we were up to the challenge.




  2. Matched Ops x2,
  3. 1st round = All styles
  4. 2nd round = melee/binds
  5. Classic Map - Center Bounds,
  6. Ring Charging Allowed,
  7. Dungeoneering NOT Allowed,
  8. Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed,
  9. North Spawn Attacks


We expected a good fight and this was the case, we started pretty well with both rounds koing here & there.



Round 1: All Styles

~ CE Victorious ~


CE Starting: 25

TE Starting Ops: 25


We outpulled by 4 people & after


Congratulations and well done to CE members, Shadowslajer tanked great after that Valito tanked beastly & I saw L_tappaja_li binding very good.


CE Ending Ops: 20

TE Ending Ops: 0














Round 2: Melee + binds



CE Starting: 27

TE Starting Ops: 27


We outpulled by 1 guy, thanx valito for volunteering to drop!


After taking the lead with some solid ko's we didn't look back anymore, our transitions on snipers were perfect as well as was our tanking, goodjob guys.


CE Ending Ops: 24

TE Ending Ops: 3(they left cc)









Goodfight Team Extermination, was fun and hope to do it again sometime soon.


Tyvm, Dr Dudeh.

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