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Old Player Returning

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I stopped playing a few months after the grand-exchange because I simply found the game was losing my interest. After a couple years out of runescape I found out that one of my cousins still played occasionally. In an effort to talk with her more ofter I started a new runescape account since my old one was fraught with member's items. Originally I played this old one simply to talk to my cousins, but soon found myself returning to tip.it. After reading the recent Tip.It times article about needing an intervention I realised the reason RuneScape had lost it's fun years ago was because I felt like if I wasn't constantly skilling I would fall behind some of my friends that were playing, and that maybe the enjoyment would return if I made sure to go for the more fun aspects of the game! With this motto in mind I re-subscribed my membership on my old account for a month for a test run of dungeoneering and other new features, and put my playing of Fallout: New Vegas and Civ4:FFH2 on hold. By the end of the month hopefully I will find out if this is still worth my time and money.


I was immiediately overwhelmed by the amount of new things and realised some of my old training methods and money-making methods were out-of date, and that I lost the community feeling I used to have playing with my friends (since they had stopped playing too.) What are some of the more fun things added to the games, and what major changes have been made in the past couple years, and what's the best way to meet other players who enjoy the things you like and gain a sence of community again?


Thanks for all your help, and hopefully this next month will prove that RS is still worth it.


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You better start reading up. You've been gone for quite some time.


To sum up all of the updates would be too much. What did you do / enjoy when you played, that will give us some handhold as to what might be of interest for you.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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You can search the other 17 topics by the same name, read the updates on the rs homepage, or just explore and find out on your own. RS is most fun when everything is unknown!

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RS is most fun when everything is unknown!

Oh nostalgia... but you are right.



Be sure to read the in-game herblore and prayer guides. And farm herbs for money.


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As the others have said, there's just too many changes to sum it all up.

However, if you hang around this forum for a few days you'll probably be able to catch up on the latest techniques for training, moneymaking, etc.

And if you're looking to meet other players, I'd recommend joining a clan of some kind. A lot of the social aspects of runescape have moved into clan chats, so that's where you'll find active players to talk to and do things with.

It doesn't have to be a combat clan if that's not appealing to you. There's plenty of social and skilling clans out there as well.


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