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Hi Lorena, I dunno what you're looking for in a clan, but Ancient Legion has a lot to offer you. We're a clan with a long (2.5+ years) and proud history just now getting over a period of inactivity. With a new staff in place with a desire to take us to new places, we've gotten 15 new members in the last week alone, and we're looking to build on our recent successes by attracting mature clanners, like yourself, to AL. We offer serious warring (at least once, usually twice, per week), frequent fun events throughout the week (last week's events included Zammy GWD, Chaos Elemental, roach hunting, rev hunting, etc.) and most of all, a mature and engaging community with active forums and CC. We'd love to have you give us a look; PM me if you have any questions, and best of luck in your clan search.




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Hi Lorena I would like it if you would consider joining The Gladiatorz. We are a great community clan with a 50/50 split between fun community events such as boss hunting IE Corp Beast, GWD and Clan warring both in safe wars and PVP. We boast a diverse, mature community of members and are the Fourth oldest clan in Runescape, and we would love it if you could join us as our 10th year is approaching. All that we ask of you is to be 110+ F2P combat and to be an active member of the clan.


If you would like to know more about us then go to: http://forum.tip.it/topic/265611-the-gladiatorz/


Or you can just PM me and we can discuss your future as a Gladiator!


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Hey i am Kota21/Kotaaa

I am the activity manger/mentor of Blasphemy.

Blasphemy is a 96+ f2p warring clan.

We war mainly in cwa and do some pvp wars.



our forums. Www.thisisblasphemy.com

If you need any help be sure to ask me :)




and our irc is #blasphemy

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gl lorena





99% of the people who play mmorpgs play world of warcraft

and if it was wiped from the face of the earth would have no

purpose in life, if you are one of the 1% of us that would be

laughing our awsome runescape butts off,

copy and paste this into your signature.

My You Tube Channel | Play Runescape | My Rune HQ Profile

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Hey lorena, if your still looking around for a clan. I highly suggest Blasphemy. were actively warring, chatting, and having random events! #blasphemy to drop by and meet our community. Feel free to send me a pm if you have any further questions.


Don't tell me skys the limit, when theres footprints on the moon...


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Artwork created by Kaio. Click the banner to visit our Recruitment Thread to learn more about FL.




Adventure awaits...

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hey Vaults,


i am mic mic77 from bloodshed empire. a very matur clan with great members. we do f2p events every week! we have gwd almost 1 time a week(if not more), we also have a good amount of f2p event like fog elemental fights ect.we also do p2p events fairly often! and almost every week someone makes members made event, and we also war pretty often. we are a community clan that is event active and irc-cc active we are also forum active­. so if you want more help you can find me in #bse my irc name is mic or you can alwas find me in *clan bse* clan chat, my rsn is mic mic77.





btw, the runehead and forum bottons are clickable, try them out :)


well if you want to try us out theres some info,(wish you do try us)


irc: #bse


cc: clan bse


gl in finding a clan :D


~mic bloodshed empire's head recruiter

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Welcome to the Hunters (PVM Clan),





--------|||----The Hunters ------|||











Welcome on behalf of the our humble and mighty clan The Hunters, we accept people of all combat levels who have prventheir worth in a certain skill. We travel all over runescape slaying only the most poewrful and legendary monsters in all the lands to acquire their precious and valuable rewards. . We both used to fight many of runescapes strongest monsters alone most of whom fell at our feets yet their are monsters who can overce the two of us there for we have made this clan where we now call upon the help of the bravest of champions to follow us into battles against runescapes strongest monsters. The beasts we speak of are non other then the King Black Dragon, The Giant Mole, The Chaos Elemental, Revenants and many others. We request the help of runescapes most powerful warriors, the swiftest of rangers, and the smartest of mages. With our great wisdom and strength we will dominate RuneScape.



World: 131

HQ: Jolly Boar Inn in Varrock

Clan chat is: jdoumani

Clan Website:thehuntersrs.webs.c-o-m

Recruitment Thread Quick find code: 87-88-491-61918768


We Hope You Will Join Our Clan!


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