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Ea's introduction


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Last warning to keep personal attacks out of this, and a reminder to stay on topic - which, in case you didn't notice, isn't "how much EA sucks, and why".


Thanks. :thumbup:




Clan Staff


You'll find your life is a lot easier if you heed the warning. ;)


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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for all of you who dont know us, which it seems no one does, please check out these vids, and to clearify df, no pic no proof.



also for uk, we wared u and won, easily i might add.


as for everyone who is in aa





and for lethality,




and for av






as u can see, we pull more than 40s,


anyone intreasted in anymore personal attacks go ahead. i just laugh at you=)

War aa. We'll take it seriously this time :D

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