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Clan Wars or PvP?

The Observer

If you had to choose one of the two to fight in...  

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  1. 1. PvP or Clan Wars?

    • PvP
    • Clan Wars

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CWA hands down: virtually impossible to crash, clearly shows which clan is better (who can kill more in a CWRI instead of who can return most), gives a clear winner/loser everytime instead of just your opinion, much harder to break rules and you don't get food trading or calling crashers to help win/void a fight.



Cool man, you can tank around some walls and turrets set up perfectly for tanking, completely ruins cwa. People actually bring good styles in cwa because they don't lose anything, and overall its just for people afraid to lose a rune set. Instead of proving who can tank around a perfectly set up wall, why not find out who in your clan is actually a good member and returns with binds / blasts etc in a pvp fight, where it actually matters. Clanning is about dedication and proving yourselves, not the perfect ideal world for fighting when nobody cares about the result 95% of the time (CWA)


I am clearly angry.


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PvP easily. Whilst CWA has its benefits, it just doesn't match up to PvP.


PvP is far more exciting, not only can you war but you can also Pk. The only downside to PvP is that you can be crashed, but, I'd prefer that over a CWRI where the winner is basically the clan who targets the lowest levels/worst tanks over and over and over and over again, rather than a PKRI where you've got to dominate the actual fight. Of course clans will try to outlast, but you can just leave the fight if that happens to a ridiculous level.


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I prefer PVP because of the fun of it, But I think if you fought in CWA it would make more of an exact finish in a run in for instants, In CWA it tells you who got more kills, But in PVP, To determine the winner, you have to find out who has more people at the end of the time cap. <_< I like the both equally. :shades:

Recruit me pl0x?

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100% PVP, clan wars is just the same old monotonous fights over and over again, PVP allows for lots of different variables which makes it more entertaining and dangerous, a win in PVP is lot more satisfying than CWA for this reason.



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