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Former Administrator Alduron has passed away

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I never knew him personally, or even spoke to him, or even saw him in the forums I think, but the is so so sad. My condolences to the family and friends, and those close to him in this community.




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I was pretty saddened by the news when I found out the other week. Pup was one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with him while I was on the Tip.It staff.


Even when he was waiting for his lung transplant back then I never heard him complain. In fact I didn't know he had CF for a very long time. He wasn't one that used it as a crutch or a reason to complain; he always was in a good mood and was up for a laugh no matter how bad he felt. Being around someone like that really helps you put your problems in perspective and realize that you aren't a victim of your circumstances - how you face your problems is entirely up to you. Pup fought for a very long time, and I'm glad he can now have some peace.


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It's very sad news to hear this. I have personally worked close with Pup, and him and I got along. It's sad to think of all the friends who i've lost contact with over the years, and even sadder to find out that a great person like Alduron has passed away. My prayers and best wishes will be with his family, and I know that Alduron has moved on to a better place. I know I speak for the entire community who was involved with him when I say, there will be a empty place in tip.it that just can't be filled.


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It's very sad to hear that someone has died, no matter who it is. I just joined and hearing this makes me sad. But it warms my heart (and hopefully his family) that everyone here is caring and loved him as a person.


He will be missed. I will be praying for him and his family.

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*sigh* This is right up there when I learned from the OoC very late that Stevester77 had passed.


Very sad to hear. His work around here has had a huge impact. His work lives on.


I believe he made the rank images which are currently being used, correct?


No. That credit still belongs to Greatsilverwyrm, a name I would presume is all but forgotten by much of this community. There were some additions to GSW's original image set, which I think Pup might have contributed to. Can't remember offhand.


I worked closely with Pup for a time. How and when isn't important (those tempted to divulge the how and when of my involvement-- mind your own bizzo and keep your lip zipped, it ain't your story to tell, K?). I will say that he was kind to me regardless of what happened. I did know that he had CF but missed the news of his transplant. I know he worked in forensics; that he managed to be employed just adds to the testament of his work ethic and courage despite illness. To be quite honest, I was rather envious of that.


(Seriously, those of you thinking to blab about me-- let me say this-- I'd say above most everyone else, he let me keep my dignity when it counted. I'm also not a stranger to chronic illness, by the way. Consider that for a mo before typing.)


I always enjoyed asking him about the weather in Arizona. Hopefully he can still feel that warmth, somehow.

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Only been part of the forums a few days, but it's always said to hear a persons died. Sounds like he was a massive part of the Community. My condolences to his family and friends :(

R.I.P dude :(

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