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10 Years of Me in RS and 10 Years of RS Celebration

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Date: January 8th 2011 - Saturday


Time: 12:00pm GMT


Who Can Come: EVERYONE!!!! That includes you too Jagex Employees!!!


Event: 10 Years Playing and 10 Years of RuneScape Celebration!!


World: 102


Backup world: 152


Quick Find Code For www.RuneScape.com Forums: 42-43-597-62087053


Organiser: A Old Player & Jackie Suomi


Clan Chat: A Old Player


Meet: Falador Party Room!!!


What is going to be there: Drop Party of 10m+(and maybe limited time items provided j-mods come.), Lots of old time players are expected to attend. A burning of falador is to take place after the drop party and then a march from Falador to Varrock to Lumbridge then back to Falador for a final get together to tell stories share memories and just have fun also some fireworks and perhaps some costume competitions so bring your outfits!!! See you there!!


61 & 77


Quick Find Code


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