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f2p Range-2H setup


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Alright so I am wonder how to make the most out of my f2p account with pking. Here are the stats...


CB: 42 (maybe 43)








So I have a couple ideas at the moment as to levels that I should train to, I was thinking I should get 40 Att, 50 Str, and 60 range (I'm kinda leaning towards making a range-2h pker if you couldn't tell by the title...) and keeping the rest of the stats where they are. Is this good or should I train a skill higher? Also I have pretty good dungeoneering and I was wondering if I should try and get my att to 45 and get a gravite 2h as my range-2h KO weapon. The only problem I found with this is that the gravite 2h has -4 slash and +87 crush, and when ranging I usually keep it on rapid, so when I switched it would be on slash, correct? (basically asking if rune 2h or gravite 2h is better for range-2h combo) My final question is how helpful is prayer in nonmembers, as I have been told to make a new character as the prayer just gave me CB lvls and not much else, is starting over something I should do?



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I would probably start over, because of the prayer. Getting 53 range again won't take you that long in RS.


If you can't start over, then definitely don't increase pray/def anymore, get max att of 40, then get range to the next highest hit and max strength for your cb lvl.


This is an excellent range-2h guide (lol, digging out of my age old opera favorites) - http://forum.tip.it/topic/73999-rune-pure-ranger-the-build-f2pp2p-remade-23-october/


Ranged level - hit without prayer - hit with eagle eye prayer


70 - 12 -


77 - 13 -


83 - 14 -


85 - 14 - 16


90 - 15 - 16


91 - 15 - 17


96 - 15 - 18


97 - 16 - 18

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There is still hope for your character, but it will take a lot of hard work to get it to a level where you won't be overpowered by your opponent.


Your goals for 40 attack, 50 strength and 60 range are good but not reasonable if you wish to PK, since the 44 prayer is acting as a thorn in your side. You should aim for higher strength, around 65-70 since your KO weapon will be the 2H and you want as much damage from it as possible. Once you hit 70 range you should focus mainly on strength, as it is the 2H which gets you the KO, not your range.


Unfortunately I can't shed any light on the Gravite 2H subject, but from what I've heard most Range 2Hers prefer using the Rune 2H. The minimal difference in damage between the 2H and Gravite isn't really worth the journey to 45 Dungeoneering, but since you're already close you can give it a shot and come to your own decision as to whether you like it or not.


Prayer is extremely helpful in non-members when you reach the 60+ area in CB level. However, I'm a firm believer that (pure) Range 2Hers should avoid getting prayer due to the outweighing of the cons against the pros.


If I were you I'd probably start over, that way you can mould your character from the beginning rather than trying to fix a broken one.


(Shameless Self-Advertisement =D) Check out my guide on F2P Range 2H here if you wish to attain more insight on this style of PKing - http://forum.tip.it/topic/241678-the-ultimate-range-2h-f2p-pking-guide-updates-250810/


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just raise str and range as much as u can and get 40 atk.. do not raise prayer any higher..


another suggestion could be to become a staker?? perhaps raise def to 40 and tank/range at duel arena??

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