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Clan Europe vs Dutch Generation


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Clan Europe -vs- Dutch Generation


Drawn against DG for our 30-vs-30, Gaz set up the war with the following rules as our first war of 2011:


  • CJ 30-vs-30,
  • Classic Map - Center Bounds,
  • Ring Charging Allowed,
  • Dungeoneering Allowed,
  • Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed,
  • North Spawn Attacks

DG has become very strong in matched ops recently, we've lost a number of wars against them and prepared hard for it.



Round 1: All Styles

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 90

DG Starting Ops: 90


CE pulled a cracking 50 people to this war giving us a lot of flexebility who we picked to war. DG pulled ~32 and both clans cut down to keep 1 at the portal.


DG danced SE and we rushed in and KO our first target. From there our styles gave us an upper hand allowing us to KO a lot of our targets where DG piled a handful of our tanks. Some of our transitions were shaky but for the main part it was a solid performance overall.


Thanks to all the CE members who attended and got cut, really appreciate the dedication guys, well done.


CE Ending Ops: 66

DG Ending Ops: 0















Thanks for the clean war DG, its always a pleasure to war you guys. Best of luck in your other categories!



~Dr Dudeh~

Proud Clan Europe Tournament Official 2010, Proud Clan Europe Event-Coordinator since 27 oct '10


Full Membership Requirements:


You must live in Europe,

115+ F2P Combat,

IRC Client, TS2 & TS3 Downloaded,

Have an Explorer Ring (level 3) and

Have a respectable personality.

Click here for meeting up with the community :-)


CE-Awards 2010:



Runner up for: Most Friendliest & Most active on IRC.


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