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Titans Sunday Out


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With no intention of going out today, we heard dk where massing up at bh so we called a quick 20 min mass..


We quickly left BH with about 140 opts and proceded to hit dk :)

After a bit we got word eos/vr came on our world and they all started hitting us making it 3 v 1, We had a small regroup then rsd pmd me saying theyd take vr so they did..

Soon after RoT came to the world and joined in the fun and RSD left..


We then continued to smash dk/eos whilst rot came and cleared vr. Eos then went to mass snipe RoT with VR whilst we cleared dk, however CD came and took care of DK and we went to clear vr/eos again with rot, soon after dk got bored and bailed, vr followed and then eos followed not long after that.


Ended the night with 210 opts and banks full of rune :)



Random pics



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