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advice for my account?


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Grenwalls for the money.


Raise summoning level for at least Bunyip.


Except for the fact that he can't do grenwalls until 69 summoning...


[hide]1. Herb farming. If you don't have the farming level you can reach ~30-35 farming from quests alone. At that point spend the little bit of money to get to 38 farming and begin farming toadflax. Each run should net ~100 k profit (more if you utilize Juju potions/scroll of life from dungeoneering and depending on which herb you farm) and should be done every 2 hours. Unlocking the patch from My Arm's Big Adventure is highly suggested as it is always disease free. Consult Grimy's Spreadsheets for the most profitable herbs to farm...farm toadflax, as you're only lvl 38 farming




100 k for 5 min of work ever 2 hours (4 times a day) = 400 k for 20 min worth of work


2. Manage Thy Kingdom. Finish the quests to unlock this activity and consult...




...for where to place your workers. Minimum profit per day is ~150 k for near zero effort.


150 k per day for investing 2 min of time once a week.


3. Dailies. There are tons of shops which you can buy stock from and sell on the GE for profit, along with numerous other activities you can do to bring in a profit. Consult this guide for a complete list of things you have available.




or if you are a tip.it loyalist...




1 mil profit a day for ~1 hours worth of work = 1 mil / hr


Utilizing what I have outlined above you will make in one week


400 k /day herbs * 7 days in a week = 2.80 mil

150 k / day MTK * 7 days in a week = 1.05 mil

1,000 k / day dailies * 7 days in a week = 7.00 mil


Totaling 9.85 mil per week minimum


4. Flipping your cash two times a day results in an avg 1-3% increases in net worth as well. Utilizing this (assuming a 20 mil cash pile to start with for the week) adds ~6.31 mil profit*** in that week (assuming a 2% return on investments twice a day).


This brings the total to 16.16 mil for that week alone.


Stay consistent and once you find your niche in flipping the money will just happen and you wont have to worry about it.



If you like killing blue dragons its very much recommended to get the dg level for the resource dungeon. Otherwise with your combat stats you might consider cannoning black dragons in the evil chickens lair.


Overall account improvement?


get mining and dg up.

Trolling by giving good advice since April 2011.


The Blog - Currently Cleaning Herbs



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Get all stats to 70 and a quest cape.

Supporter of Zaros | Quest Cape owner since 22 may 2010 | No skills below 99 | Total level 2595 | Completionist Cape owner since 17th June 2013 | Suggestions

99 summoning (18th June 2011, previously untrimmed) | 99 farming (14th July 2011) | 99 prayer (8th September 2011) | 99 constitution (10th September 2011) | 99 dungeoneering (15th November 2011)

99 ranged (28th November 2011) | 99 attack, 99 defence, 99 strength (11th December 2011) | 99 slayer (18th December 2011) | 99 magic (22nd December 2011) | 99 construction (16th March 2012)

99 herblore (22nd March 2012) | 99 firemaking (26th March 2012) | 99 cooking (2nd July 2012) | 99 runecrafting (12th March 2012) | 99 crafting (26th August 2012) | 99 agility (19th November 2012)

99 woodcutting (22nd November 2012) | 99 fletching (31st December 2012) | 99 thieving (3rd January 2013) | 99 hunter (11th January 2013) | 99 mining (21st January 2013) | 99 fishing (21st January 2013)

99 smithing (21st January 2013) | 120 dungeoneering (17th June 2013) | 99 divination (24th November 2013)

Tormented demon drops: twenty effigies, nine pairs of claws, two dragon armour slices and one elite clue | Dagannoth king drops: two dragon hatchets, two elite clues, one archer ring and one warrior ring

Glacor drops: four pairs of ragefire boots, one pair of steadfast boots, six effigies, two hundred lots of Armadyl shards, three elite clues | Nex split: Torva boots | Kalphite King split: off-hand drygore mace

30/30 Shattered Heart statues completed | 16/16 Court Cases completed | 25/25 Choc Chimp Ices delivered | 500/500 Vyrewatch burned | 584/584 tasks completed | 4000/4000 chompies hunted

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