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The Titans Tuesday


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The Titans vs TRWF



First round: All Styles - Second: Melee/Binds only

Classic, center boundaries

No dungeoneering or corrupt

Sniper cap: 4

TT in yellow capes - TRWF in red/black


In the first round TRWF was able to match our pull but they had 5+ DCs before it started so we had to drop around seven people. We defended at the NW wall and TRWF rushed. We started off well but TRWF managed to get off to a slightly better start so we were down by 1-2 people for the first few minutes. We pulled it back and obtained & kept a lead until the end. Our mix of styles, calling, and tanking were better than TRWF's and they began leaving their CC when they got down to ~15. We ended strongly with 35 people.


Round two began with us rushing TRWF at the SE wall. We started off a bit sloppy and TRWF again managed to obtain a small lead for the beginning. Three of us went to snipe when TRWF hit 30 people and we destroyed their hybrids, KOing one and nearly another two or three as well. Some good tanking from our members & a few lucky KOs we gained the lead which we again kept until the end.



The Titans vs Violent Resolution Ft 15-20 EoS


After we fought TRWF in CWA we went out for a small p2p trip. We soon heard that Df + RoT were fighting and that VR had decided to attempt a crash. We quickly massed up 50 monster titans and headed into the wilderness.


We kept VR at mossies, and to no-ones suprise Dk + EoS turned up to help. Df+RoT stopped their fight and EoS ended after 10 minutes - Massing an epic 34 person peak. Dk ended shortly after as our homies PH came up to ac them (Big thanks for coming to AC btw. Much appreciated).


This left VR getting banged in single/around mossies so they hopped for a remass.


Df and Rot ended their capped fight and left the world. We decided to stay at see how big VR's balls were, which to our delight were VERY big.


[big]TT vs VR[/big]


TT starting: 150 opts

VR starting: 141 opts


Violent Resolution used their usual tactics - sacrafice any sort of main pile and send a stupid amount of snipers. To counter this we sent 10 snipers (similar opts to VR's main pile) and cleared their snipers 1 by 1. It wasnt long before VR called eos to mass up a sniper squad so that they could regroup across the map. The fight lasted less than an hour, which was a continuous cycle of VR mass sniping and regrouping. RoT decided to mass up to AC EoS, and as they logged in, Vr decided to end.


TT ending: 204 opts (72 on Teamspeak)



Vr ending: 0

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