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Need Some Money Making Advice


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Open to just about anything, just need some general tips on how to get me back on my feet again. Cash reserves are very low (300k)







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Start off with Farming. Herb runs can pull a lot of profit at higher levels. The i think your other best option will probably be Woodcutting. I'm not sure how much gp/h you make at yews so i won't suggest that. But i can personally say that i make over 300k/h at mahoganies. So that might be something to look into.

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As suggested, farming herbs and MTK are nice steady money, you can also throw in the dialies for some added steady profit. I would then suggest working on your combat stats (method is up to you), in order to create more moneymaking options.




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Since your cash reserves are very low, MTK isn't an option until you are able to invest at least 1m into it, without having no gp to spend on other things.


You will need a gathering method to build your cash pile to a few mil, then you will be able to do many more things with it. (Invest in MTK, making unfinished pots etc)


I would farm Toadflax - I think that's around your farming level and the seeds are like 1500gp ea. (remember to use Supercompost on the patch)


Combat is ultimately the best money maker - skilling will not get you much at all.

Gathering various secondaries will provide good income, however gets you no XP.


Some things to kill at your level & stats depending if you have done the quests or not.


Aberrant Spectres ~ 3-400k an hr

Snakes (Mos le harmless) ~ 3-400k an hr


A couple of Skilling options would be to hunt Horned Graahk for around 4-500k an hr

Or thieve level 1 clues from HAM members, the clues can be done in 5mins and it takes 5-10 to obtain one.


(I'm not going to bother mentioning Green Dragons, due to the bots it's difficult to find a world and probably won't be an enjoyable experience)


There are plenty of options ofc, those are just some ideas.


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Farming, kingdom for steady income.

For real money slay abberant spectres with a macaw, possibly with cannon in smokey well. Or kill Chaos Druids for herbs.


Chaos druids ain't the best id, with all the botters. If I were you I'd just make sure I farm as many herbs as possible.

That's a safe and fast way to get quick cash. Swamp lizards may be a good idea too for you.

They are around 1.5-1.6k each and if you use a terror bird & ecto u can do quick runs.

Which will allow u to get 120-150k/hr...

You could also buy maples (around 50gp ea) fletch 'em into unstrung longs & sell those on ge for 65-80gp depending on the moment...

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Don't ever do woodcutting for money. Ever.


Start off by checking out the guide to daily activities in the general guides section of these forums. Doing everything on that list should net you about a mil profit. After that do the quests that reward farming exp to get to lvl 38 (which I believe is the level you need for toadflax).


Once you start farming toadflax you should do My Arms Big Adventure for the disease free herb patch. Always use super compost. You can get at least 4 herb runs in a day which should be ~400 k profit, more if you get hunter and dg up for juju potions and scroll of life.


That should bring your total to a little over 1.4 mil/day not including anything you do for fun that could make you money. Ranging blue drags is my cup of tea so that's what I do for fun. 1.35 mil is enough to invest a weeks worth of MTK to add another mil profit to your week.




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