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My Arm's Big Adventure Quest


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I'm preparing to do the My Arm's Big Adventure quest and I have problems with getting camel dung from the camels.


My problem is that I can't ask, for example, Ali the Camel (Al Kharid)for dung as this option never seems to become available - the camel will only recite love poems and not sh!t in my buckets !


I could just travel to Pollnivneach, but I would much rather prefer the other option.


What is it I'm doing wrong here ?

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You need to go to pollivneach and feed the camels in the pen there some extra hot sauce. If that's the dung you mean.

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One of the moments of questing I savored less... the solution is adding hotsauce to the camels trough. The dung appears under them. Hats off to whoever developed that.

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It's a lot easier then that for an idiot to sound smart on the internet.


That's exactly what you're doing right now... just saying.


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You need to go to pollivneach and feed the camels in the pen there some extra hot sauce. If that's the dung you mean.


Yuu're right, that's the dung i mean, however, it is supposedly also possible to obtain the dung by talking to a camel while wearing a camulet


My Arm's Big Adventure Quest - look under step 3. called: 3: Soil Preparation



I didn't want to waste too much time on this quest, so I got the camel dung from Pollnivneach.

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i was able to get the poo form the camel when i did the quest about a week ago. it doesnt go in your buckets it goes on the ground and you have to use the bukets on it.


have fun w/ the rest of the quest though.




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