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Ascension vs The Gladiatorz


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Ascension -Versus- Gladiatorz


RSC Topic: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1463921-ascension-defeats-the-gladiatorz/


Sometime last week, we arranged a week prep PvP PKRI against Gladz for today. For this fight, we were prepared and pumped ourselves up, and with hitting 45 Yes's, we knew this was going to be our fight. Both clans started with similar options, with us at a slight advantage. As we attacked, it was even for awhile before we started to tank Gladz around the battlefield allowing us to pull ahead, and keep a steady lead the entire fight. When our snipers were dispatched (sorry for the short time we were in your team capes), we eliminated Gladz's KO force and binders and from there on, and ended with a solid victory. Thanks for the respectful fight Gladz, and good luck in the future!


The Rules;

- 60 Minute PKRI

- Spiders - East Tree

- Rings Allowed

- 3 Man Sniper Cap

- No Corrupt Allowed


Ascension's Starting: 114 Options

Gladiatorz Starting: 96 Options





Ascension's Ending: 126 Immediate Options (45 In Ventrilo)

Gladiatorz Ending: 69 Immediate Options






Pictures of the Fight










Thanks for the fight Gladz.

Hi I'm Angelo, Proud cafq0zh5.gifFounder of Ascension


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Based on opts its weird because the fight looked a great deal closer then they say.


I dont understand how the opts difference was so high


Gratz on your win though Ascension


BLNT Cucumbers


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Congratulations Asc. Sure have gone a long way.



Good effot, Gladz <3

A Proud Crimson Raider.

A Proud Council of CR.

A Proud TWR Rep' of CR.


Want a war against Crimson Raiders for TWR? PM me Or Frenchfry147.

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