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F2P pure?


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Can someone tell me a good stat build for a f2p pure? (It can be 1 def, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.)




If you could give a small guide like what quests to do as well that would be good.


And what the inventory for pking would look like and the basic technique. (I already have ranged/ 2h down.)


All thanks in advance.

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i find mage tanks 60+def and 70+ mage to be very effective agianst anything



1) He's making a pure

2) He's F2p so 60 def would be terrible anyway

3) Mage tanks in f2p suck even with 40def 60+mage...


Either do range/2h or scim pure...

Def - 1

Pray - 1

Att - 40

Max range and strength to desired combat... I would personally aim for 40+ combat


Equipment - if range2her, range gear (leather, greendhide), str ammy, etc...

if scim pure, str ammy and scim.. don't bother with full iron if you're pking deep, it will kill run. But if you're doing 1-10 Edge then ya I guess.

Just a tip, scim pures get owned by rune pures after like 50 combat and below that too. I would go with a range/2h..


Hope this helps ;)

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