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The Gladiatorz - 15 Years Strong | Daily Events

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Founded in February 2001, "Gladz" is the oldest active clan in Runescape. We consider ourselves an expansive online community--one which transcends strictly in-game activities.

We offer a variety of opportunities for members of the clan to interact and develop meaningful friendships. With our large community, relaxed attitude, and variety of events,

we work to make our members' Runescape experience more enjoyable. Our member base of 100+ is worldwide and we have members online at all hours of the day to partake in events and keep the chat active.


-What we offer-
# An active, relaxed and mature long-standing clan.
# Players with advanced knowledge of the game offering help to all.
# Mentors for all new members' first month in clan.
# Daily Events: High and Low Level Bossing, Skilling Comps, Dungeoneering and Minigames.
# Tier 7 Citadel with 3 clan avatars.
# Off-site forums and a TS Server.
# Members online 24/7.
The Gladiatorz have thrived over the past 15 years, and we welcome any and all new members to help shape our clans' future. Our CC is always open to guests so you can get a sense of how our clan would suit you.


Forums | Memberlist
Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz

Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Founded: February 15th, 2001
Home World: 14

Clan Type: PvM/Community/Social

We are a RuneScape 3 based clan. Therefore you must be P2P on RS3.
There are no level requirements, all are welcome to join!
Our members are free to join clans and play on the OldSchool servers.


For more info check us out here. [qfc]290-291-646-65776090[/qfc]




Leaders: AmusedDragon | Beric
Council: Brimzy | Maggie | MiniMoonPies | Pearl | Sas


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