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An epic glitch that has, sadly, just been patched.

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With the update that added Hati the wolf into the game, a bug patch deleted a glitch which some of you may have already known about. It's this glitch where you wield an item, sit in a POH chair or bench, and weild another item. It causes you to wield the new item in the old item's pose, which can be done to some interesting effect. Anyways, I happened to learn about this glitch from my friend iAntilopi/MSgt Hunter, and coincidentally had taken all these pics in the past three weeks or so. I didn't get around to posting them until now, but here they are (ignore my noob gear; yes, I am a noob :oops:):

First, something I found particularly interesting. Wielding the noose wand and then equipping something else would cause you to hold the new item backwards:




One of my favorites with this:


Next, the Orb of Oculus, which made many items float between my hands:




Now, one that I found particularly amusing was Eek. At first it seemed like nothing interesting, but when waiting a moment, the equipped items would spin around my body just as Eek would run across my shoulders!


It's much more amusing in animation, though:



My broom! It's possessed!



I love how my character acts like his hand and scimitar randomly went crazy, and then tries to shove his stretched hand back in place:



Don't try this at home, kids!



I must be hallucinating :blink:



I spun my candy cane... But that's not the right spin emote!



Only true mining pros can do this:



If Jagex wins the Golden Joystick next year too, could this be the Golden Hammer's next emote?



Now, another cool thing was the effects of the POH Boxing Gloves:




Sometimes the running/walking effect could be amusing:



What would our emote be next year if Jagex lost the Golden Joystick...?



And then there are some miscellaneous pics where I used different items for the poses:





Also, I'd like to point out how multipurposed the Orb of Oculus really is (I know, I already showed one or two somewhere above):


My favorite Eek pose is with the orb - it looks like my character has pro basketball skills:



And my friend Viral Aether came over to show me some of his poses:


I like how the ghostly Shadow Sword proves its ghostliness by floating :P

Also, here's him wielding nothing in the Fixed Device pose:




Finally, this is completely unrelated to the glitch, but Viral Aether decided to try the Big Rock out on me, and I decided to use emotes to dodge it (an idea I came up with earlier that day when iAntilopi used the rock on me):


Note that Zombie Hand usually lets you dodge it better than that. Also, another good emote to dodge with is Master of Puppets Puppetmaster :P


Feel free to say which ones were your favorites ;)


EDIT: thanks Sonikku and swedishboy5 for letting me know the thread won't be merged with the pictures sticky :-D

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All I can say about that glitch is... EPIC :blink:


This shouldn't be moved to the pictures thread. It classifies as a glitch topic (although it has been fixed already). :P




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Took a while to load but l0l at the pro mining animation. Jagex really does seem to neglect the tons of POH glitches for some reason. I don't have a Demonic Throne, but for those who do have one, it must get annoying when people make them temporarily disappear.

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Shame we cant actually wield one-and-a-half swords or 1h swords like that with a shield.


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Pretty cool stuff indeed :lol: Thanks for sharing.

Posted Image


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*Deletes thread*



No, just joking ;). You don't need to worry. This thread is fine as it is. This is for sure quite an epic glitch. And you have a whole lot of pictures and animations of it too! It took quite some time to load (I started wondering if my internet had suddenly stopped working for a while :P), but it was worth the wait.

Thank you for sharing :)



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That must have been really entertaining!


I was fishing so i had no idea when you could do this =p


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The walking effect makes me think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail's coconut horse riding. Very funny post.

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i love poh glitches, but only the ones that dont efect anyone more then haveing a laugh (no glorys 4 u).


its a shame some of this stuff gets fixed, yea its a glitch, but it is fun :(


oh well, grats on the epic pics when you could.


I'm a Brony and proud of it!

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Lol poh + lol graphicals


I think this one is more epic glitch, it been patched tho (because I reported it?)


Was that with the fairy ring? There's another method.

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Tanking :shock:

It's funny how the glitchs are more awesome than the normal ingame animations ... lazy asses <_<

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10/10 topic. Well done.


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übernice pics, 10/10!

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Amusing topic!, I really liked the tankwalk one.


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I always miss the good glitches.


I did take part in the acrobat clothes + gender change = invisible character glitch. That was fun.




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Epic :thumbup:.

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