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Need 5 minutes of your time


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EDIT: Going to sleep now. I'll be on later.


I'm currently alching for 99 Magic. I'm alching elemental battlestaves, but I haven't found a supplier yet, and I can only buy 100 of each type every 4 hours.

how fast they sell: air > water > earth > fire


So, if you feel like helping me out:

1) Go to GE

2) Put in offers for 100 air battlestaves and 100 water battlestaves for 9108 each.

3) Pm me when you get them (waters might not sell very good)

4) Wait for me to hop over

5) Trade me to get your money back instantly


All you need is 910.8k or 1821.6k and 5 minutes.



If you want to help even more, you can stock up every 4 hours and sell them all at once when I get on.


Pm me ingame or on Youtube (DeLilleD) if I'm offline.


PS: I buy at 9108 gp each; no more, no less.

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In all honesty, why not go bursting rock lobs for that last level? It'll gain a nice number of charms, and alching is really outdated.

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2) Put in offers for 100 air battlestaves and 100 water battlestaves for 9180 each.




PS: I buy at 9108 gp each; no more, no less.


So we lose 14400 gp?








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you prefer gaining slower, more tedious xp with no other benefits, to faster, less tedious xp with the additional benefit of hp and summ xp?

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everytime i log in my computer seems to crash but ill let u no when im on


add me: archeryb0y



haha wait nvm i forgot battlestaves r p2p and im not a member anymore :thumbdown:


sorry bro :unsure:

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You might find more people willing to sell if you paid them a little more than the GE price :).

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I do. Mid is 9073. I never said you HAD to buy for 9108; just that I will buy at that price.


Anyway, this is the Help forum, so not really the place for trades (Marketplace).

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