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DDB's Night Out ft. Collision


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So we massed up a handy 60 opts, led by the fashionable one eyed pirate Pkpete, and after some fun at the JBI we stepped foot into the wilderness.






After hearing our future opponent this week blasphemy was fighting we thought why not and decided to watch a bit of their fight.

While watching we stumbled across a player called AnneFRank, we lolled, and had a idea which was genius. Operation Blitzkrieg led by Pkpete.





We had seen enough and decided to leave the fight. We hopped worlds hoping for some titans action :shock:

Instead of Titans we found Team CD at rdg and with ease disposed of their shiny blue and green pixels.




DDB v Collision [Draw]


On the way to the bank, we were confronted by Collision! Our 20+ army of mages, rangers and swordsmen managed to kill many Collision and they decided to regroup. We searched for them and the fight continued, with DDB still having the upper hand and better styles.






Many Collision warriors began to make their way to the wilderness with arrows and runes and for a short while both clans had even numbers.

It was getting late for our GMT members and with it being unofficial we decided to call it a day and bank our gains.

We spammed GF to Collision and walked south before switching worlds.

Thanks for the fight Collision.




DDB's surviving warriors at the end of our trip:



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