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lvl 110 looking for clan


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rsn: I Tybaby I

combat level: 110

attack: 87

strength: 83

defence: 83

prayer: 53

magic: 68

range: 71


cooking: 71

woodcutting: 87

agility: 41

thieving: 56

smithing: 68

crafting: 60

firemaking: 63

fletching: 76

herblore: 52

runecrafting: 29

slayer: 58

farmin: 26


hunting: 50

dungeoneering: 47


looking for fun, nice, mature event clan i'll pvp, pk or bh if its mandatory also looking for a clan that goes to bandos gwd

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^v^-±Rauhan Recruitment Invitation±-^v^


Hey there! I am a representative of The Rauha Empire. We are an up and coming clan that has just recently started. Our clan is very community focused while also being very diverse in that we participate in both wars and have a skilling section. TRE does not have a specific level requirement, and accepts people of all levels and play styles as long as they are a member.


TRE is also an American (CST) timezone clan, meaning that if you are not in the Americas the times will very likely be hard for you to attend. Events are a major part of TRE as well, and we do many different kinds of them aimed at skilling, combat and mixed events so everyone has something they enjoy, some of the events we do are;


- King Black Dragon

- Skill Competitions

- Clan Wars

- Pking

- Games Room

- Castle Wars

- Stealing Creation

- Soul Wars

- Fight Pits

- Dungeoneering

And many, many more!


We here at Rauha also understand that everyone has lives they need to take care of, and are very flexible in our events and requirements for attendance as long as the member is putting forth an honest effort to be a part of the clan.


We hope that you have learned a bit about TRE, and are willing to look into it more and hopefully even join us, and if you decide that we are not the clan for you then we hope that you find what you need in a clan and wish you the best of luck in RS!


Note: Currently TRE has several high ranking positions available for those who qualify or are interested and willing to work for it.


Clan Chat: RazorAce09

Thread QFC: 93-94-597-62239138

http://s9.invisionfree.com/pec <--Best clan ever.


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Hello Tybaby33. I would like to invite you to join The Gladiatorz. One of our requirements is 110+ F2p CB. We do a variety of events including safe CW and risked PvP, also we host a large amount of events such as GWD, Barbarian Assault and Barrows, just to name a few, as we try to keep our events fresh and not redundant.


We are one of the oldest clans in runescape and a lot of us have played since RSC giving us a lot of knowledge in the ways that the old wild worked and we want to pas this experience on to others.


Search "The Gladiatorz" to find us or drop by our cc, where you can find that we are a tight knit, mature, group and we can't wait to get to know you too!


If you want to know more then you can find us at "gladz chat" cc or visit our tip it page at: http://forum.tip.it/topic/285146-the-gladiatorz/


Feel free to add me in-game if you have any questions or concerns


GL in your clan hunt


^Click to Join The Gladiatorz^



Add me in Game: YourDeath G and ask me anything!





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Hi. I'm Chrono Boost of the Clan "The Death Monkeighs". We have plenty of GWD events, and we also have PvP events/wars, but none of them are mandatory. We have many mature members, and we enjoy helping eachother succeed in Runescape. You seem like the kind of person that would really enjoy TDM. Here is some more info on our clan:






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IRC Channel - #Blasphemy {on irc.swiftirc.net}


Website | Forums | Videos | Memberlist


Basic Needs Before Applying:

  • You must visit forums as often as possible.
  • You must be willing to listen and learn
  • You must show you have time for Blasphemy, and thats activeness in events.
  • You must have a heart to create passion and loyalty for Blasphemy


Hello There, And Welcome To Clan Blasphemy's Recruiting Thread. Blasphemy Is A Runescape Clan That Strives To Become Close To Perfect. Our Greatest Ambitions Have Never Changed Since Day 1, We've Always Wanted To Grow And We've Always Wanted To Be the Best. As The Clan Became Older, Blasphemy Became More Mature And More Understanding As To Knowing Which Destiny It Must Walk Upon.


Now Blasphemy Wants To Become Unique And Do Things No Other Clan Has Done Or Achieved Before. Complete Organization In The Battlefield, A Community Which Is A Family From Which Every Member Has Their Own Place & Identity. And Finally, We Want To Be The One's To Define That Power/Greed Is Nothing Compared To Courage, Skill, Intelligence & Unity.



To Join Blasphemy You Must Have Specific Character Attributes. You Must Be:


96+ F2P Combat Level

70+ Defense Level



Blasphemy is a clan that has heart and a passion to make an unforgettable mark. Our community enables the first step to our goals, were a clan that has great respect for one another. In Blasphemy, we really do feel like a family, it's like a tradition and a rule; Always stick by your comrades side and be their support in every instance.


Like mentioned, were built strongly on organization, thats organization on and off the wildy. In the wildy, you see like nearly every clan doing the same thing, the same tactics, I mean they do it but its never that perfect and for us just too repetitive. Runescape can be incredibly exciting if you have awesome imagination, charisma and the willingness of hearts to try out the different plans and tactics in the wildy. We make sure that every Blasphemien in the war is well aware of what they have to do, and that their confident and ready.



Now, most clans are built and revolve around having events, otherwise what's the point in clans? Blasphemy has a range of events, and our highest priority within them is to make them work and be successful. We want people to cherish the experience they have, and in the end, enjoy themselves.

  • F2P - We do a variety of F2P events, as Blasphemy is a F2P based clan. Clan Wars is really fun, especially knowing that you can run into any clan, knowing the popularity that it has with clans. We also do PvP Related wars and pking events aswell.
  • P2P - We also like to do P2P events such as Fight Pits, GodWars, Castle Wars, KBD etc.
  • Wars - This is the heart of Blasphemy's system. We train to war, to defeat other clans who set upon us a challenge. We have huge aims, and to earn what's yours, you must be willing to fight. Pvp & CWA wars is what blasphemy does.
  • Fun Events - We have plentiful of these, Achievement Parties, Skill Events, Unique Events and many more. Aims of Fun Events are to do something different for a change, at the same time to hopefully rep up Blasphemy by showing happiness within ourselves.

We try to do official events as much as we can, but in realness we have at least one "unofficial" event EVERY other day. This usually happens in our IRC channel, where clans might declare an instant 30 min prep mini. This shows our family is 24/7, and we like to keep in touch whenever we play runescape.



The aims of Blasphemy are always high and ambitious in an observer's eye, but to us it's something that we all cherish to complete. Things like making Blasphemy the most "unique" clan amongst all, don't know how we'll do it but one day if fate goes our way, we will be the first. Another aim is to create a brotherhood community, as mentioned above, but we want to keep this and make it stronger and more efficient to survive in the future. Final aim I'll mention is that Blasphemy does one day want to reach the top, and eventually be known and referred to as, positive, courageous and always existent.

















Leader - Makaaveli

Captains - Saint Cruez - Nirvana_05 - Animalnstnct

Warlord - Ramen Bomb


Website | Forums | Videos | Memberlist


We choose to go...not because [it is] easy, but because [it is] hard, because that goal will serve to measure and organize the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win. ~ Blasphemien Way




"Rest In Peace, Muelmar - A True Modern Day Hero"

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Website | Forums | Memberlist




The above video condenses my clan into four minutes.

PLEASE watch it.

If you don't enjoy the first 30 seconds, don't finish it.


I am confident that my clan, The Wilderness Guardians, is the right clan for you dude, for many reasons.

Like I said, the video has all the information.

It was made for people like you who want to know what's available.




100+ Combat with 70+ Ranged

Don't let the low requirement fool you. The combat average is much higher.

We've kept them low for many years despite pressure to raise them.

We believe that good clans should be accessible to as many people as possible.


Click the image above to be taken to the Wilderness Guardians forums.

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If you are still looking for a clan, please PM me or catch me ingame. I'm currently in a new clan that is upstarting called Eminent Bloodline (sounds powerful eh :) ). Your stats look great, we'd love to have you. We are a close community and will take you in under our arms and assist you in any way possible(in our power of course) to get your levels higher.


These people are my family. If i need a hug, they are there. If I need a laugh, they step up. We are all easy going, open minded. Our CC 90% of the time has people there to talk to. We are also on IRC and Teamspeak.


We are a warring clan, but since we are still growing, we havent had practices yet (though they will be starting up soon). Wars I've heard would be on Wednesdays, time still to be determined.


All I can ask is give us a shot and go from there :)


We currently don't have a thread on Tip.it... (i contacted our recruiter) but here is our URL: http://s4.zetaboards.com/Eminent_Bloodline/index/ if you wish to take a look and maybe introduce yourself and get a feel for what we have to offer.



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rsn: I Tybaby I

combat level: 110

attack: 87

strength: 83

defence: 83

prayer: 53

magic: 68

range: 71


cooking: 71

woodcutting: 87

agility: 41

thieving: 33

smithing: 68

crafting: 60

firemaking: 63

fletching: 76

herblore: 52

runecrafting: 29

slayer: 58

farmin: 26


hunting: 50

dungeoneering: 47


looking for fun, nice, mature event clan i'll pvp, pk or bh if its mandatory also looking for a clan that goes to bandos gwd


if you havn't found a clan yet, try Clan Jaguar - 4th oldest clan in Runescape




slideshow that'll give you a lil peek into what type of clan we've been over the years

our forums: http://forums.clanjaguar.com/

our clan chat is "jagz chat"

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If you haven't found a clan yet, perhaps you can find a safe haven at RBH.



Official Forums | Member list



Are you tired of clans focused on one aspect of the game? Who sacrifice community for e-glory? Would you rather enjoy the game than return for four hours? I suspect you are and you would. If I'm right, read on to learn a little about Red Blade Hunters.


If you don't want to read the whole post, click here for Cliffs and member testimonials.




RBH formed in 2005, and is still going strong as a long lasting clan. Since the day we started weve dedicated ourselves to improving the time our members spend on Runescape.


RBH is a combination of both F2P and P2P with a wide variety of events. We tend to have f2p wars and p2p boss hunting as well as other fun events interspersed.


Being so old we've obviously seen our fair share of peaks and valleys. We remember fondly the good times, Summer/Fall 2008 and Winter 2009/10 for example, and strive to return to that while remember the bonding and foundations we built during the tough times, like Summer 2010.


Our greatest strength is definitely our loyal members. Over half of our members have been in the clan for at least 18 months and this consistency offers stability few other clans have.


We aim to maintain an honourable name whilst allowing our members to have great fun. Our friendly members are very easy to talk to and were very easy to integrate into the community. Further, our community is made up of members from all across the globe. Our current staff includes four Europeans, five North Americans, and a Kiwi. So no matter what corner of the globe you are from don't feel like you would be isolated.





The requirements for RBH are:

90 Combat level or higher with 70+ defence

Teamspeak 3


We encourage you to have IRC access as well, as that is where we have the most fun chilling and chatting.






Since RBH has such a wide verity of players from different places, we have events at a wide verity of times, to cater for all our members. We even include F2P events so that none of our members feel left out!


Clan members are encouraged to plan and carry out their own events if they do not believe we are having enough of a certain event. We also have many forum based games, which help bring our community together.


A typical event week for us includes a group Penguin Hunt, a war or two, a couple spontaneous PKs, and a boss hunt. We also mix in other minigames.


Recruitment videos-


- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJH1OdQVttQ



Check out what RBH is doing right now!


Our Skill of the Month

Our Channel Statistics






(enjoy the condescending calling from our ex-member Tyler ;) )






High Council:

Winner Ander 24px-Norway_serv.svg.png

Jack Atack 24px-Canada_serv.svg.png


War General:

Sk8erpunk193 24px-US_serv.svg.png


Lower Council:

0verdoziziz 24px-Netherlands_serv.svg.png

Agnt Pyro 22px-New_Zealand_serv.svg.png

Beach Effect 24px-US_serv.svg.png


Head Recruiter:

TrueBeaver 24px-US_serv.svg.png


Event Organisers:

Sun_ce224 scotland.png

Forever Mad 24px-Netherlands_serv.svg.png



RBH Justin 24px-US_serv.svg.png





We look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to drop by our IRC channel (#rbh) and chat. You can also check out our boards at www.rs-rbh.com

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Yo Sakura Kane leader of radiant here. We are a new clan with 85+ requirements just opened yesterday and are looking for rally good active members. I know we are a bit low but we are trying to get new people integrated into the clan world in order to develop a loyal member base. At radiant we strive to give you a complete clan experience. This means you can expect CWA, Wilderness PKing/Wars as well as PvM, Dungeoneering and other fun events. We will try to keep a balance between non War/PKing and War/PKing events. The plan is for most wars and PKs to be weekends while we do non wars/pk during the week.


Quick statistics and Information


Forums - Radiant Forums

IRC - #radiant (on SwiftIRC)

Member List: Radiant Member List

We have our very own hosted Teamspeak Server!


You can contact me on

MSN: [email protected]

RSN: Sakura_Kane


We look forward to hearing from you.

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