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Ascension's Night Out: Feb 4

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We headed out on a Non-Prepped, Non-Mandatory PK Trip for Today. After ~2 hours of gaining rune off other PK teams/Clans, and a short encounter with 'The', we ran into KO and the fight commenced. We started with roughly 40 options to their 50-60, which allowed them to hold the upper hand for the first ~15 minutes. We then called it mandatory and got our options together, and after that happened we began making KO regroup from Spiders to New Gate, until they decided to call it off. I understand 'The' hit KO not knowing there was a planned fight for a very short time, but once they noticed they AC'd, so thanks for that.


Ascension's Starting: ~40 Opts

Knights of Order Starting: ~60 Opts




Ascension's Ending: 75 Immediate Opts

Knights of Order Ending: Called it Off




(18:07:27) <Spenc_> did u end glimmer

(18:07:45) <Glimmermere> yeah :( we lost too many opts

(18:07:50) <Spenc_> alright

(18:07:52) <Spenc_> thanks for the fight

(18:08:00) <Glimmermere> yes thank you too

(18:08:02) <Glimmermere> it was fun

(18:08:14) <Glimmermere> so good to have fun in the wildy again :)










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Congrats, looks like a fun fight.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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