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2mill+ Prizes ( Pixel, Absract, Landscape, Brushwork)


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ok Here we go








Drunken T- That Is extroadinary, Could You perhaps add the Fairies to the Sig where the Trees are darker








Tainted hero - Very nice, Expet i Don like the Text Or the Placement




Also The Border seems out of proportion to me since the black Strip is way thicker in comparrison to the white








LazyBoy164- Its ok For your 1st Day, Just not exactly what im looking for








Damien666 - Very nice design, But i would rather a smooth absract with bright exuberant colours








Magical Food - Text isnt Working for Me and Its a Bit simple to win 400k








KngKyle - Not bad, but not exactly wat i was looking for, two much happening in the sig, but no real focal point

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