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Indeed highest level plates with sc hammers. But you can throw in the smithing brawlers if you have them, and use ancient mage teleport (spell lvl 78 I think) to teleport to wilderness, and nearby there is spot for smithing. The gloves would last for only 1/2 of the XP gains because of SC hammer, but the amount of XP is still the same.

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Smithing gold with goldsmithing gauntlets isn't too bad. I went from 60-70 smithing with this method. It will probably be around 5k gold ore, but it shouldn't take more than maybe 5 hours. Another option is to superheat the ores. This requires more clicking, but you get the same smithing xp and magic xp on top of that.



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A decent way to level is to superheat steel then to smelt them into items for fast exp or turn them into cannonball for good gp.


Although the fastest way would probably be to superheat gold ores - superheating is A LOT faster then normal smelting (especially if you're going for bars that take multiple ores - bronze, steel, mith, addy, rune)

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You can also smelt and superheat gold at the same time, since the superheat doesn't interrupt the smelting last I checked.


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