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Bagged Plants


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Bagged plants are for construction as far as I know. Use tree seeds with herb runes in between for good farming xp.


They give farming experience.


My question is what bagged plants should I use please don't spam.


Use the ones that give the most experience? Since you said "bagged plant" I assume you meant 1, 2, or 3. Bagged plant 3 gives 100 farming xp when planted in the construction spot, so use them. They are 10K gp for 100 farming xp so that's 100gp/xp. Bagged plant 1 gives 31 xp and cost 1k gp so that's ~32gp/xp. Bagged plant 2 gives 70xp and costs 5k giving ~71gp/xp.



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^ No.


That being said, bagged plants are only helpful at low farming levels, because the exp you get at level 1 is insanely slow from waiting on potatoes to grow. At 51 farming, try doing fruit trees/ normal trees and herbs, it will be faster and cheaper than bagged plants.


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If you want to waste your cash go for it.


Otherwise do quests. You can level to the mid thirties from quests alone at which point toadflax/ranarr farming becomes good profit coming with bonus exp. If you really want the farming exp take that profit and use it for tree seeds (recommended) until at least the level for snapdragons/torstols and you have jujus. As you level upgrade your herbs you're farming from toadflax/avantoe/kwuarm or ranarr/snaps/torstol after you unlock jujus.


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Bagged plants are neat for 1-40 farming, though quests are much better. If you could afford the 100 gp/xp (1.3b for 99) you're talking ~150k xp/hr I should think, which is not much.

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