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TET Slave Auction 2010! (in 2011!)

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Someone bid 5b for Ezkaton? :blink:

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Nah they didn't.

Anyways I'll upload exact plans later, but I've managed to secure Witchy for her slave time :)

1 hour and 23 mins in she's died 24 times already :D

EDIT: Dungeon ended up being 3:20 long with Witchy only managing to get 2 out of the like 5 accolades I wanted her to get. The original plan was thus:

We keps changing the dungeon plans etc as it slowly dawned that after 47 mins and only 5 doors open we'd need to let her have a weapon, and start helping her to clear gds too.

But she still has 2 tasks to perform for me. (And before you say timelimit I was talking to her earlier and she said she didn't really have one).

So yeahs... We did this dungeon... And erm... She died like 54 times this dungeon which means an average lifespan of 3 minutes 36 seconds (though it was more 15 seconds on the boss).

Anyways these are some screenies from it. It was so damn hilariously fun.

The spoils of this Adventure:

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