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Question about staking/pking...


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When you're either staking or pking, what style do you select out of strength, attack, defense, and controlled? Do you switch it up? Does it depend on the weapon? What about boxing? Do you keep it on one selection the whole fight?


I usually keep it on strength when boxing, but I don't feel like that is right. Any suggestions or opinions?


Appreciate any feedback!

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alot of people use switching

when your character is about to attack u switch to accurate or agressive

when the enemy is about to attack switch to defense.

this will only work if you started attacking each other at separate intervals though


Go Chicago Bears!


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when boxing NEVER USE THE STRENGTH OPTION. Runescape mechanics give you an invisible +3 stat bonus depending on which attack style you've chosen.... If you use kick you are essentially giving up 3 free attack levels so that you can hit a max of 115 instead of 112... Someone who understands switching while boxing will clean out someone kicking a vast majority of the time.

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I keep boxing someone that has 72 attack, 80 strength, 76 defense, 80 hp; while I have 75 attack, 82 strength, 70 defense, and 76hp. Who do you think would win this match, if staked correctly?


Whoever gets the luckiest.


But statistically it should be him. His stats are higher.

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Why is this topic still in this forum? Someone should move to Help & Advice.

Don't mean to be rude, but why do you care so much?


I'm sorry that I posted this in the wrong forum...


But yeah, I have to agree with you. Why is it such a big deal to you?



Anyways, thanks for everyones feedback. Helped me a good bit. Any other advice?

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