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500M in one day...


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Basically, I won 500M in one day of boxing on my new staker. the stats were: 20 attack, 61 defense, 20 strength, 40 combat Maxed out.


Then, for the past 1.5 days I got up to 62 attack, 61 defense, 20 strength, bought dclaws, full dragon just for laughs. Then I went staking and I basically got tore up.. I'm just curious to know what EXPERIENCED boxers have to say. I am looking at something along the lines of:


70 attack

70~80 defense

30~40 strength


I just don't know for sure. Can I round out my 62A,61D,20S somewhere and manage to do about the same?

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I am currently working on a 70/40/70 boxer. with 70 range/mage for hp purposes as it wont affect combat level. Historically they were the best for boxing/verac staking, but I don't know how they fare now. Those would be my suggested stats for you tho.




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Originally, your defense was way too high for anything someone at combat level 40 could get through. There is nothing, as far as melee or range goes that could beat you.

Now, that you have leveled attack, You raised your combat level a substantial amount i'm sure, (around 16 levels according to tip it's calculator) and your opponents attacks have no problem going through your defense at your new combat level.

I suggest getting 70 Att/30-40 Str/70 Def

Buy full veracs and box.

You should win as your combat will be around 60-70ish

Also train range and mage for HP levels.


You have tons of money(granted you aren't cleaned), so training will be no problem as you can buy the best possible items to train with.


Good Luck

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One of my stakers is 70 25 70, gonna get str up soon probably. Im also 66 range and usually range stake, which I win almost every time if I get my rules



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