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Not enough USB power? Odd problem


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DJust bought a new wireless mouse and a keyboard that can backlight with LED's. When I turn the backlight on, the mouse stops responding. I only have my mouse and keyboard plugged in through USB at present, will be adding an external hard drive soon. Is there any reason this would happen, or is it just an unrelated coincidence?

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Yeah odds are the devices are usb 2.0 and your sockets are usb 1.0


If you look at release dates and such it becomes epically clear most things with extra functions eg backlights cropped up within reasonable price range after usb 2.0 arrived, cause usb 1.0 jsut cannot handle it.


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It might be that you really aren't getting enough power to the ports as others have stated. I think it'd be nice if we knew your setup and your computer specs. By setup I'm referring to what you've hooked into your computer.

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Wasn't aware the power spec changed between USB1 & 2.

AFAIK, it's always been 500mA for a single port or high power device, 100mA for a standard "low power" device, and if an unpowered hub is used, then everything on it is drawing from the one port.


Front panel ports may be operating through a hub, particularly if they are combined with a card reader.

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