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'THE' vs Envy

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We approached ENVY on Friday/Thursday looking for a 90 minute capped pkri on saturday, looking for a great opportunity to improve we were hoping they would accept.


The following important rules were set:


- 90 minute Cap

- Spiders to East tree bounds

- Melee+Range+Binds / No Blasts

- Higher Pull Attacks

- Team on Crashers



Before we set out for an adventurous ride, we made sure our best tank Adr1an was ready to sail off to sea with us.



On a scale from 1 to kanye we were at the kanye level of madness so we put on our vintage kanye shades and set out to redeem our loss to Higher Force in a snowball war earlier in the day. :rap:





Hoping for great epicness we prayed to the orange gods in hopes of a great turnout and victory !



'the' clan starting: 102 opts



Envy starting: 60 opts




The battle continued and blood was shed, due to envy's rough turnout we had them regrouping several times but a valiant effort was put forth. Our styles were perfect, we had more than sufficient amount of members binding alongside our amazing range unit who were spamming like ballers :otvnaughty:


'the' clan ending: 120 opts



Envy ending opts: 0 (left the battle field after about an hour)



We can always trust our only Egyptian member in tanking it out for us <3




















and last but not least, Thank you GLADZ for anti-crashing for us and
















Currently 'The' Clan Warlord

Join 'THE' NOW

10 years and going

Forums = www.theclanrs.com

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Very nice opts, keep it up THE!

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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GF Envy


0 kills 0 deaths


Was there whole fight


Gl in future fights


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Good job 'The'! TMRD reopened? Cool!

[2010] Proud Member of Downfall

[2004-2005] Former Leader of The Unbreakables, Former Member of Corruption, Former Member of 'The' Clan

(...and Anarchy for a few weeks... shhh...)

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