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(20:06:38) <+Wtxchick> <+Wtxchick> gl it should be interesting

(20:06:38) <+Wtxchick> <@Mobb`Away> Get rdy to tank 230 opts

(20:06:38) <+Wtxchick> <@Mobb`Away> #

(20:06:38) <+Wtxchick> <+Wtxchick> Lol



Last weekend, CR leaders decided to go ahead and ask TNC for a Saturday fight after we saw them pull over 180 opts to a Friday night fight vs Exodus. We knew it would be tough and weren't sure at first if we should go on with it but we decided that it would be a great challenge and after a little bit of convincing, TNC accepted.


We prepped hard during the week knowing that TNC would probably pull over 200 opts. Since we had a 65 combined ML at the beginning of the week, we knew this would be a really hard fight to win, but thats what we like. We pushed hard all week to get everyone signed up and we recruited some strong members who we knew would not only help us in this fight but far into the future [welcome boyz]. Our signups never got exactly where we were hoping but they were still pretty good and we were really excited about the fight. We got a picture of TNC's signup from a friend which showed 74 yes's, but we were not deterred. TNC attempted to send a spy during the week to obtain info about us, but through the power of Suhhus, Rocky, and myself, they were denied.


War time came and TNC were 20 minutes late (and still refused to hop to our world suspect1za.gif ). When we finally saw them approaching we saw that their pull was much less than they had expected and we knew a victory was forthcoming.


CR starting: 180 opts



TNC starting: 186 opts



Normally Im an extremely modest person innocent.gif but I would be lying to you all if I said that we werent in control of the entire fight. We excelled in every aspect tonight, which was what we needed to do. Our numbers were great, styles were strong, binds were spot on, organization was excellent. There was no stopping us on this night (not even you Exodus <3) We saw TNc's pile getting dragged multiple times as our fallin leaders went in and picked out their victims. We koed almost every single person we hit barring a couple good tanks. Overall, Id say we had a nearly perfect war, which was awesome to see and made the fight really fun for us. Everyone enjoyed themselves and all CR should be proud thumbsup.gif.


Ending time came with TNC's pile hiding west of spiders. We rushed in spamming times up but TNC were spread all across the screen (facing the same direction... mass login?). We spammed times up for awhile but while they were spamming it too they didnt get a fallin. We killed a couple more until they finally agreed to do so.


CR immediate ending: 176 (notice green dots spread sleep.gif, 180+ full ending)



TNC immediate ending: 141



From starting down on audio by about 7 people to winning by well over 10 all within under 2 hours is pretty awesome if you ask me. Great job guys.


Thanks for fighting us TNC. Hopefully we will both be able to maintain pulls like these and have more fights in the future. Was a lot of fun.


Oh and to your leader claiming we had: mad randoms in ending, like 15 snipers, ran out of bounds, etc etc. The answer is simply, no. You guys DID break a lot of rules but Ill only post more about those if needed. These arent 30v30's anymore son so get used to it thumbsup.gif


Wilky pm me if you want that fight next Saturday since we werent able to do it this week










While we not be top 10 anymore like we were awhile ago, we are still here to stay thumbsup.gif No worries


§ Crimson Raiders Veteran | skull_crossbones.gif Ex Downfall Warlord | bcouncil.gif Ex Team Vendetta Council

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