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RSD -vs- AF || RSD -vs- VR

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IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC


Clan Chat: RSDchat




Our day started out with setting up a 1 hour cap PvP Pkri with Ancient Fury which we were happy to set up to throw some P2P action at our members. The fight started and ended at west tree where both clans remained strong for the first 20 minutes of the fight. After about the 25 minute mark it was clear that Runescape Dinasty was carrying the momentum and managed to clear the battlefield in ~ 35 minutes of the initial one hour planned cap.


Rules of the fight:


1 Hour capped

Single Spells

Spider - New Gate

No Sittng at Gdz


Runescape Dinasty Starting:

Ancient Fury Starting:




Runescape Dinasty Ending:

Ancient Fury Ending:
Left the Battlefield








Shortly after ending our P2P fight with Ancient Fury, we received word that there were a couple clans massing to head out in F2P. We quickly changed styles and regrouped back to F2P and waited for ~30 minutes for our targets to enter the wilderness. While Violent Resolution was walking up we agreed to a fight that would have the following rules:




Rules of the fight:


2 Hour Capped Fight

15 Snipers First Hour

20 Snipers Second Hour

Team to Clear Crashers



Both clans started out with strong main piles and were able to send the full amount of snipers to their opponents piles which applied great pressure. As the fight went on, Runescape Dinasty was able to apply great pressure from both their main pile and snipers which allowed Runescape Dinasty to take advantage of Violent Resolution on their back foot. With little outside interference, overall the fight was both competitive and enjoyable. I speak on behalf of Runescape Dinasty when I say we hope for more fights in the near future with you.



Runescape Dinasty Starting:

Violent Resolution Starting:










Runescape Dinasty Ending:

Violent Resolution Ending:









Random Pictures:














Thank you to both clans for the fights.



graycrown.gifFormer Eternal Honour Council -- Former Vengeance Council graycrown.gif

124ecdx.gifRunescape Dinasty Applicant Manager 124ecdx.gif


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looked like an eventful night, well done RSD.


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Was out all day, missed both fights :(


GJ VR and AF, hopefully I can make the next ones :thumbup:



124ecdx.gifFormer Admin of The Death Monkeighs124ecdx.gif

124ecdx.gifFormer Vengeance Council124ecdx.gif

124ecdx.gifFormer Eternal Honour Member124ecdx.gif

124ecdx.gifCurrent Runescape Dinasty Supreme Member124ecdx.gif

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Gratz RSD :thumbup:

Ex Retaliation High Council | Ex Legendz High Council




#Legendz on IRC

Proud to have been a Power Ranger

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Congrats, looks like a fruitful day for you guys.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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