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Runescape Blackscreen


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Hi everyone.


When I try to load up RS, I login, get to the player info section, and when it loads, it freezes. Going to another window and coming back just leaves it with a black screen where the game should be, with everything else intact. Wat do?


Thanks for any help.


Get back here so I can rub your butt.

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Did all of those, tried 3 different browsers, and reinstalled Java.


I. Am. Annoyed.


A lot of ppl are. It's all over the rs forums. This problem started happening after the wildy update. There's a lot of jerkoff kids just replying "get a new computer". Unfortunately this isn't a computer issue, it's a Runescaoe issue. There is a sticky there regarding the problem (QFC 25-26-406-61969946). You can try some of their "solutions" however with so very many people having the same issue, updating or reinstalling a graphics card will not be a fix.


Hopefully jagex is looking into this. There's way, WAY too many people having this same issue.

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