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TKO Blitz -vs- True 0wnage


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TKO Blitz -vs- True 0wnage


Earlier in the week, Warria06 contacted TKO Officials for a war. Knowing that T0 are no easy opponent, we set up fairly standard rules and prepared for a difficult fight:




2 Rounds Matched CWA

R1 - All Styles

R2 - Melee + Binds

Corrupt OFF

Dung ON

Rings ON

North Spawn Attacks R1

Reverse Attacker R2

2 Sniper Cap


Round 1





Using the advantage of dungeoneering, we had our gravite 2-hander unit ready to go. Thanks to Mike failing to get us north (yet again), we got into an awful dance and waited for T0 to attack. Both first piles managed to tank for a decent amount of time, but TKO took a quick lead thanks to a few quick kills while Venomous did an impressive job of tanking as their second pile. Following Venomous, H A Richards also did a great job tanking while we quickly killed off a few more T0 members. After some more fighting, T0 left the clan chat:






Round 2





After a few failed attempts at setting up a war, we managed to get the correct rules. T0 got into a dance, and TKO rushed to commence the fight. TKO piled Zeus, and T0's first pile was Esmir. Both first piles tanked evenly, but TKO then took a lead thanks to a quick kill. Following a couple of transitions by Beybladex90, TKO widened the gap. Eventually, the inevitable occurred and Beybladex90's internet disconnected. After a few seconds of disorganization, Venomous stepped up to the plate and did an excellent job of leading to finish up the fight. T0 left the clan chat when they had around 9 left in the portal, leaving us with:





Thanks for the fight, T0. It was a pleasure as always.

Corruption Council -


Team TKO Blitz Leader - http://tko.rs-clans.com

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Corruption or TKO Blitz.

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Gf, i really dont know what happened. We did [cabbage] basicly(myself did amazingly [cabbage]ty).

Hopefully we will put up a harder fight next time :3


Thx for the fight and gratz!


#t0 #ce #teamsweden #se @swiftirc

#clan_europe @Quakenet

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