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Top 5 guitariest :D


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I made one of these posts before awhile ago... gonna do it again so name ur top 5 most amazing guitariest :P... (or more)








1. Stevie ray vaughan




band: stevie ray vaughan and double trouble




song: Tin pan alley(roughest place in town), texas flood, testify.




2. Jimmi hendrix




band: the jimmi hendrix experience




song: All along the watch tower, voodoo child. enough said :D.




3. Eric clapton




band: Many bands fav is cream




song: Layla (derek and the dominoes)




4. Jimmy page




band: Led zeppling (the led blimp :))




song: Stairway to heaven of course :P.




5. Dimebag derrel




band: Pantera




song: Cowboys from hell, Floods, and cemetary gates.








next 5 will be without bands and stuff :P








6. Eddie van halen








7. Steve vai








8. David gilmore








9. The allman brothers








10. Collins and Rossingtong

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My favorites (full names hehe):




1. Edward Lodewijk Van Halen (Van Halen)




2. James Marshall Hendrix (many bands)




3. Eric Patrick Clapton (Cream, Derek & Dominoes)




4. Jimmy Patrick Page (Led Zeppelin)




5. David Jon Gilmour (Pink Floyd)




6. Angus McKinnon Young (AC/DC)




7. Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)

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Where the hell is Metallica's Kirk Hammet, or Guns N' Roses Slash?








Fastest most breathtaking solo - Master of puppets by Kirk Hammet, starting at 5:41.








November Rains end orchestra performance, Slash gets on the piano at 7:10 and plays :D








Slash and Kirk are very deserving of a top 5 spot.



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Ah man, you've got to be kidding me. This is still open? Where are the mods. :?








The last reply to your previous "favorite guitarist" thread was only 19 days before you opened this one.


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