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Tip.It Times - 13th March 2011

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Kinda off-topic, I just read that FAQ about the smithing update. Hopefully it means they ARE going to release something to make high level smithing better, they just wanted this supposedly better training method first. They might need to adjust exp rates since I heard addy plates with SC hammers is still better and cheaper. Although, this has the benefit, from what I've seen, of being way way less of a grind.

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Article #4 - good read but the penguins didn't learn about disguises until AFTER Larry got us to help him during the first cold war quest. :shame:

Penguins were already in the sheep disguise in Lumbridge before the quest started. Had to use some creative license for the story and couldn't exactly tear the sheep from Lumbridge, now could I?

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Kinda off-topic, I just read that FAQ about the smithing update. Hopefully it means they ARE going to release something to make high level smithing better, they just wanted this supposedly better training method first.

Save that comment because in the next year or two it might happen... keep your fingers crossed. #-o

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He just successfully trolled you with "courtesy" and managed to get a reaction out of you. Lol

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Article #3 - A bit winded but it makes the point. When gambling your far more likely to lose your money than win. Maybe Jagex should consider making the games room more like a casino. I doubt that area has seen much action in a while. Putting in gambling type games might wake it up.

Not sure how Jagex can do this and keep player versus player interactions. And if Jagex set an NPC up as the house, they'd probably do something boneheaded like give it no edge.

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i first know is ms-dos, then win3.1, not sure what the specs that time.
around 2001, my father buy us a pc(iirc cpu is 133 or 266mhz) and my sister subscribe dial-up. and because of dam slow pc , my cousin can only recommand me to play RS. every in order to start the game, it need to DL quite some time(need to re DL everytime got updates until 100%, this show how much better than it is now, roughly 5% can login and play).

the first time i enter game is to press F1 to get better performance(reduce graphic quality and blank every 2 row).
because of slow pc and internet, i play very few, so i miss out all rares that i can get that time. i remember the highest skill is mining, which i tried very hard to lvl up mining to 40 in order to wield and use rune pickaxe. then later my old pc spoil and i get a new P4 1.6ghz with riva tnt64 graphic card.

but shortly after that RS2 become public, and i was shock to login and need to 'makeover' myself again and to see that i lost my items in classic because items cannot co-exist in both. that time there are many ppl wanted jagex to let them get back their items from RS2. so Jagex make a deal that it is 1 way shot for anyone who want it. that time i almost want, but thinking that RS2 is partial 3D is cool although. and that time i started to play few more hours per weeks.

since each time technology power is double, my pc that always low end, there is always lag. so it explain my total levels after 10 years.
it can still go on and on and on, but this should cover about the first 3 years of RS.

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Ten Years
Accompanying Article by Logdotzip
Edited by Racheya

Wow what a journey you had... for one so young you are able to convey so well your memories and parallels between RS & Life. Felt for you when you mentioned both the passing of your father, and the betrayal of your trust by that low-life.
Gaming has been part of my life as well since I was young, now I am old... *Laughs* I still play. It was heartening to read as I have found that the game has taken a lot of flak recently, and it is too easy to be caught up in the negatives, when really at the base of it all... Its a game, a form of enjoyment, somewhere to escape & unwind, to be as you want it to be.

So thank you for taking the time to write and share with me, I wish you all the best in RS & Life.

Regards. G.


The game has changed indeed. What's your objective in Runescape (as in everyone who bothers to read my post and care to put a reply to it)? I wonder.

Yeah, like that zaryte bow

recharge costs = ammo.

So, all melee weapons are overpowered, at least.

this combat triangle finally makes sense...

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