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In need of some money making suggestions


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Right atm i have set myself a long term goal of getting 90+ herblore and afterwards save to get the money to buy the bones/ashes for soul split.


Atm i have about 65m in total atm(rubbish ik).


Any suggestions are welcome!


Thanks in advance!


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Soul Split alone is not worth it, you'd be better of using piety. I suppose 65 mil could get you about 88 herblore, but if i were you i would try to flip with the cash, its probably the best money/effort method in the whole game if you have the feeling on how to do it. I'm merching myself to 95 prayer for turmoil and soul split.

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6 Effigys
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Use the 65m to get 65 herblore (shouldn't cost much) and 75 prayer and finish While Guthix Sleeps and Blood Runs Deep. Use the 450k combat xp reward from BRD on prayer and the 400k xp reward from WGS on herblore. Then spend another 40-50m to get extremes (not sure how much you need tbh). Stew to make some extremes and make money killing frost dragons. To get to frost dragons you need 85 dungeoneering, allowing you to pick up a chaotic rapier as well.


While doing all this you should start up farming ranarr and willow until you reach 50 farming, at which point you should do avantoe. Get a scroll of life and 70 hunter also, to make juju potions.

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Try and Flip merch to make some extra cash, then try to spend that on prayer.


Come to my Clan chat (I'm there if I'm online) if you wish to borrow a Green H'ween mask, Blue H'ween Mask, Red H'ween Mask, or Santa for a reasonable price.

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@Above, its not free, you have to do it yourself, people doesn't understand the term free. Free is if was given 20mil by a friend to level herblore. Grinding herb or bones is not free as you could have sold them.

My lame drops:
6 Effigys
1 D Med - 1 D Dagger
1 Verac's Helmet - 1 Guthan's Platebody

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1. Herb farming. If you don't have the farming level you can reach ~30-35 farming from quests alone. At that point spend the little bit of money on your highest level trees to get to 38 farming and begin farming toadflax. Each run should net ~100 k profit (more if you have a scroll of life and use Juju potions) and should be done every ~1.5 hours. Unlocking the patch from My Arm's Big Adventure is highly suggested as it is always disease free. In general if you have access to farming jujus and a scroll of life you should be farming ranarr/snapdragon/torstol depending on your level. Without those go with toadflax/avantoe/kwuarm.

Of course consult Grimy's Spreadsheets when in doubt about the most profitable herbs to farm...




100 k for 5 min of work every 1.5 hours (5 times a day) = 500 k for 20 min worth of work

***With snapdragon farming Jujus/scroll of life this changes to ~250 k profit every 5 min. Doing this eight times a day will net you around 2 mil.


2. Manage Thy Kingdom. Finish the quests to unlock this activity and consult...


...for where to place your workers. Average profit per day is ~150 k for near zero effort.


150 k per day for investing 2 min of time once a week.


3. Dailies. There are tons of shops which you can buy stock from and sell on the GE for profit, along with numerous other activities you can do to bring in a profit. Consult this guide for a complete list of things you have available.




or if you are a tip.it loyalist...




1 mil profit a day for ~1 hours worth of work = 1 mil / hr

Utilizing what I have outlined above you will make in one week...


400 k /day herbs * 7 days in a week = 2.80 mil

***2 mil/day herbs * 7 days a week = 14 mil


150 k / day MTK * 7 days in a week = 1.05 mil <--- this number can drastically change depending on luck with seeds from the birds nest.


1,000 k / day dailies * 7 days in a week = 7.00 mil


Totaling 9.85 mil per week average

***Totaling 22 mil per week


Stay consistent and once you find your niche in flipping the money will just happen and you wont have to worry about it.[/hide]

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