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Nex Mass 125+

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Ripped this from BattleTested thanks.


My cc when we get about 10 people we will go


Status: ~Online!~


Requirements: ~125+ combat

~must have ovls / tort+

~must have karils +

~Must have some nex experience, if not watch a guide and read this thread througholy

~95+ range

~must be on normal prayers

~You must bless! no looting!

To avoid death and to achieve fastest kills you must follow this method:


1.) When nex spawns DD, have SPEC ready, someone(usualy myself) will lure virus, everyone SPECS after she attacks.


2.) On shadow mode stay NORTH pray RANGE - Try not to get owned by the shadows.


3.) Blood form - Must say South East next to the mage -- Easier so she doesnt fly all over the place.


IF Nex Targets you --- RUN

~~~~When She says siphon - STAY OFF~~~~

~Its better to time siphon 4 rng shots on rapid after sacrifice~



4.) Ice mode, run towards glacies - BREAK PRISONS

~~~Only DD after minion is dead to avoid mass damage~~~


-DD where Glaices died - Melee when she turns SS on -- DONT RUN EARLY!

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may i give a tip(not sure if it works)

but how about pickking teh stuff from the guy that died and give back outside nex instead of blessing and maybe the person cant even get back too his grave

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