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Btw, we should organise a meet up on RS2 prolly ( doubt alot are willing to pay for it or have Classic ).. In like 2 months, as that's the average time-span people (if they even do) re-read this topic.


A ''vet'' - meet up would kick some serious ass.

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Well, it's been nice catching up with folks. I've kept in touch with Musashi all these years, always will. Caught up with Myth, and yes I will get to finding your poems, I do still have them:) These days I'm a busy chick as they say - manager of two libraries. Back in touch with Purity too - but I was an adult when I played RS, and naturally am even more of an adult now. This morning I get the "your sig had nudity" in it (I'm sure the artist knew that when he painted it) and has been removed. I smiled and shrugged at that, the bits were covered and it's art to me but hey...rules are rules.


I find I'm too adult to be so restricted, so I'll say goodbye once again and wish you all well:)

Proudly getting art removed from my signature after all these years!

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