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'THE's Friday Night out

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Our d1cktator / dictator Adr1an decided to have a Pk trip today so we massed up looking to have some good old fashion pking fun.


'The' Starting: 75 Opts




We started hopping around worlds killing random people in Hispanic clans which got boring after a while...





Luckily we ran into Collision East of GDZ on world 57 ! Collision was out pking with about 40-50 opts. We had a lot of blasters and a great variety of all styles. Collision got cleared within 5-10mins. We approached Collision's IRC asking for a 15 min prep, one of there officials agreed. We looted our kills and headed to world 102 to bank and re-mass to fight collision.




Sadly, collision never showed up and we were upset. Thus, we decided that this can not be the end of our day so we continued pking.




We hopped to world 99, and we ran into a clan/team with a lot of pink/purple on them :$ We came to find out that this was Team Power Rangers! We were initially trying to kill the pink power ranger ensuring great victory because we knew that once the pink one was down they had no chance.


'The' Starting: ~60ish opts

TPR+TBK Staring: ~unknown (need confirmation)


We didn't like how we were fighting outnumbered against a team of many clans and we didn't like what this man had so say... OPEN SPOILER (WARNING XXX FLAMING)






We decided to call The Gladiatorz for some help, and help came shortly! We fought for about 40ish minutes and cleared TPR + TBK.




'The' + Gladz Ending:




We started hopping worlds and finding more randoms to kill on world 17, having a grand ol' time with our allies Gladz <3 :$



Everton was upset that TPR was cleared so promptly, He approached Drew22


<Everton> Drew22

<Everton> if you want a real fight

<Everton> give us

<Everton> 5 minutes

<Everton> to remass


We waited for about 10ish mins for TPR (Downfall + Ascension) + TBK to mass up and the fight began on world 43 at the top of Spiders.


'The' + Gladz Starting: 130 Opts (lost a few people b/c they were too busy on world 17 banking loots)


Downfall + Ascension + TBK Starting: 140-150 Opts


The fight started off fairly even with both sides getting smooth transitions, TPR did a good job killing most of our binders at the start of the war so we had to regroup once by spiders. After that we started to take great control the fight. Gladz callers did a great job teaming up with 'THE' Callers. Our snipers did a great job keeping pressure on TPR's binders and fall in leaders.


TPR started to regroup numerous times, including the good old DD in Castle tactic. Didn't work due to the amazing calling from Damin & Thealth of Gladz. :thumbsup:




Afterwards, Dans Minion a retired TPR member/ FA? approached CL trying to get them to hit 'THE' + Gladz.. However that didn't work to well..






Then.. Everton spoke to EOS asking for them to hit 'THE' + GLADZ... but that didn't end well either for them. EOS decided to hit TPR instead..











The fight continued for about 5 hours, with 'The' + Gladz victorious. :thumbsup:


'The' + Gladz Immediate ending: 168 {had 50-60 in TS throughout the fight} peaked at (65 people on ts) at the end.




Downfall + Ascension Ending: 0 opts




Pics of the epic ownage today:















Good fight to all clans / teams / people that we fought :thumbsup:


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Gf. We lost numbers when all 4 clans (Eos, CL, The Alliance) hit us at the same time. Still had a fun 4 hours pkri. 2k-10d(1 to eos)

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Congrats, looks like a dominant win.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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Did pretty well until we got hit by CL and EoS. Thanks for the fight regardless, was fun.


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nice action you had there!

good job! :thumbsup:


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