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[TWR]Pure Hatred vs Knights of Order

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Quoted from Hellboys's post, on our NEW forums :shades: http://ph-rs.com/index/



Today we took it kinda of a laid back day, eventually i found some possible action, scouted out Ko and informed them we're massing, CL also massed up to hit them.


So we massed up even quicker, about 10~ minutes mass with 50~ opts starting to ko's 54.


But CL was to big for both ph/Ko.


Anyway we eventually agreed to fight on w14, never really struggled and maintained momentum /ko power from start to end.


Props for Ko for lasting long was fun :) and much practice for our new callers.


In order to hit Ko harder we tanked around obstacles for several minutes while our callers transitioned through them, eventually ko regrouped, some times big regroups some times low, eventually they lost #s in game and never really managed to retain numbers.


While we maintained 27ish.

Around 10 pm est Ko decided to call it off :).



Ko regrouped, tried their best but we did our thing and had some fun :).


Pictures of the fight:










ending:27 on ts >1 random in FI.






Good fight Ko and thanks for the action. And good job today PH.



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Expected, congrats

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Well done PH!!! :thumbup:




PH: 147

KO: 60


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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Grats PH!

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