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How many sets do you usually lose in a fight?

The Observer

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Hmmm. It really depends on the fight. When we were going for top 10 I could lose 15 or so as a sniper.


Now its usually 5 or so? If in the main pile it can merely be 2-3


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Depends on the role. FI leaders +snipers die the most, followed by binders/blasters, then rangers.


FI leaders usually die 8+ times.

Snipers die about - 5-7

Blasters might die - 3-4

Meele binders - 2-4

Rangers - 1-2



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man i found when i was calling i died pretty much within 5-6 minutes making a call.



Pmod's who can spam call annoy people :P

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In a war, just one if I die as we don't do planned PKRIs.

In an unplanned PKRI, the most I've lost is 4 in a single fight (TPR+ASC+DF+TBK vs The Alliance).

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Depends on the clan we're fighting, what we're doing, and what style we're using, and whether we're fighting F2P or P2P.

Numbers based on 80-100 people in each clan.



F2P (2-3 hour fight)

Main pile binders/blasters will die 5-10 times in a normal fight.

Main pile rangers will die 0-5 times in a normal fight.

Main pile meleers get flamed, striked, and probably kicked from the clan. They don't die much though :rolleyes:

Main pile FI leaders will die quite a bit more, varies depending on how many snipers the other clan sends.

Snipers will die a lot, 5-15 times if the other clan's pile is weak, 30+ or more times if the other clan's pile is strong.


If we're fighting a really good organized clan like TT, the deaths will be a bit more.


P2P (2 hour fight)

Mages die a ton. 20+ mystic sets is usual.

Rangers die just a little bit. 5-10 deaths is usual.

Meleers die a bit more. 10-20 deaths is usual.


If you're dense and stand out a lot in P2P you will die non-stop until you ragequit lol.


My personal experiences:

Most F2P deaths in a short fight: 7 (Eternal Honour vs. Shadow Elves; about 2 hours of action)

Most F2P deaths in a long fight : 25 (12-hour PKRI - The Death Monkeighs vs Darkness Awaits; fought 10 hours of the fight)

Least F2P deaths in a long fight: 0 (10-hour PKRI - Runescape Dinasty vs Violent Resolution; yesterday fought 6-7 hours of the fight)

Most P2P deaths: 50+ (10-hour PKRI - Runescape Dinasty vs Reign of Terror; fought the whole fight primarily maging).

Least P2P deaths: Not sure, probably something along the lines of 5-10, in P2P you expect to die quite a bit so it's not really memorable when you do die.


Yes, you did read that right, 50+ deaths in full P2P gear :shades: Spent about 24M in gear and supplies in that fight, was my first real P2P PKRI and I learned the hard way how to blend in and not be picked out for a pile lol.



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It varies, I've lost 10+ sets in an hour and as little as 4 sets over 5 hours, it depends on whether you're winning the fight or not (not necissarily whether you actually end up winning the fight mind you) and how you perform during the fight, if you're standing out a lot in robes binding/blasting and you keep getting 1 hit then you'll be piled more than if you're staying in the pile/around the pile and tanking when you get piled.

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