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Divine Forces vs The Rising

The Observer

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#DF | Irc.Seersirc.net | Teaching clans a lesson | Best clan 2011


The Rules:

Wednesday the 23rd of March

8:00 GMT | 4:00 EST START / 10:30 GMT | 6:30 EST END

10 Snipers first 90 minutes | 15 Last 60 minutes

All Styles

Spiders > Gdz

Snipers can wear other clans cape


After watching TR members talk about how they think they're better than us for weeks now, we decided to set up a fight to prove them wrong. We went into the fight expecting to be outnumbered at the start but knew we would gain as it went on. The time came and we started off outnumbered by about 10. We didn't let this phase us as our organization was superb and our binds were on lock. Our elite snipers did a great job despite having the cap. As the fight went on we gained and TR began to drop. About an hour into the fight we began to take over and force TR into regrouping. TR made an effort to battle back but we weren't going to allow them to do that.


The final hour of the fight was us chasing their regroups around as TR dropped a massive amount of numbers. We KO'd pretty much everyone and had amazing binds. Our main pile constantly hit TR's pile as it became obvious we were taking over. We gained to over 90 on TS and the fight became one sided. The time came to take ending and we had a steady 280 options compared to TR's ~170. Thanks for the fight TR, hopefully this calms some of your members down!


DF Starting: 200


TR Starting: 85 on Vent



DF ending: 279


TR Ending: 174









Good job today DF, good fight TR.


(23:34:51) <Sooz> And you've refused to fight us even uncapped for the past 6 months


If TR are interested in an uncapped fight you know where to find us ;)


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