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Should Players initiate a Class Action Lawsuit

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For the sake of common sense, I'm going to try and talk a bit of sense (seemingly impossible on this thread) by stating some facts:

1. Jagex does not encourage botting to make money. They try and do the opposite in order to keep members paying and get money.

2. It's not possible to sue Jagex, botters, or people who encourage botting. For those Americans out there, Jagex is based in the UK, meaning they adhere to a legal system where you can't sue people vast sums for petty reasons.

3. However, it is unfortunate that some encourage botting, and I think Jagex ought to ban any who do so on RSOF.

1. ofc they don't encourage it flatly- but not doing it enough to stop it and not punishing those is as good as encouragement. that + free trade...that's really a lot of under the table encouragement right there.

2. It's definitely possible sue, bothways - Jagex is having a long drawn out lawsuit with a major botmaker right now although it's so far been a big legal fail on Jagex's part. I might post a at length thread later on this. You can sue Jagex right here in the U.S. because they do business here. I'm not saying the lawsuit will lead to anything, but you certainly have the right to sue. You cannot sue other botters.... that enforcement is on Jagex's part.

3. this is your opinion and not really a fact...but yes I agree with you that encouraging botting is as good as botting.
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