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How many people needed to start a FOG game?


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I believe it is 15.



Really? Cause as I recall it was you who was the one cussing me at base. Also, re-read what you just said: one 15 second delay (which is an exaggeration to begin with) ruins floor times? You are beyond ridiculous.

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You only need 2 people for a game of FoG as it's 1v1, the lowest amount of people I've seen in the arena is 8 I think

Nope the minimum limit is higher than that. I've tried that with me and my friend once, and after 5 minutes the game STILL wouldn't start.


Minimum is 18 people iirc.




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Ive done it 1v1 with just us two, what plays in is the ranking, if you have almost the same rank it is possible to start a game.

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