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Divine Forces vs RuneScape Dinasty

The Observer

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Bow approached me for the final, rules were set on house rules.

  • House rules
  • 5 est
  • North spawn attacks.


I choked hard as usual but AZF1 picked up the slack and managed to pull it back, well done Roel. Crazy proud of Divine Forces today, outnumbered but not outgunned has been our motto through out this tournament and for us to pull through against every top organised clan (TT, RSD) and we pulled through. Couldn't ask for more from any DF members today, we got everything we wanted and more.


We were down 8 at the start, probably my fault. But that aside we pulled back once again thanks for all the determination we had for this fight. Not much left to add but the results of the fight. 112 strong Members, Officials, Future apps and even a couple Retireds showed up. Thanks to every part of DF that made it possible, well done i'm certainly proud










Also congratulations to Ekstraa & Runites on their well-earned Levels. :thumbsup:



Thank you DF, Amazing happened yet again.


Any DF flaming RSD will be punished


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[10:52] <+Kevin`> Clay_More12, IMB, Ralph, Red_fat1, ReDrOc2 http://forum.tip.it/topic/290713-divine-forces-vs-runescape-dinasty/ <-

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rather impressive DF, shame both sides had alot of DC's and got ddosed for a short time (well idk thats what I heard)


Either way, nice job again and grats on winning the category.


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