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More Sad Graphs to Look at

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All of this implies that a game with more bots and less players is a worse game.


I personally wouldn't care if only 100 people still played Runescape. As long as updates still came, why does it really matter?


How many people do you really interact with?


Need assistance in any of these skills? PM me in game, my private chat is always ON

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Even sadder:

http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2KqHC8/yourownimage.info/not-even-once.html I hope the RS add shows up on the bottom for everyone. Why is Runescape advertising on Meth jokes?

EDIT: the ad changes :(



I'm PRETTY sure that's an add saying "DON'T do meth" ... not a picture making jokes about meth. :P Hence the "meth.. not even once."


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not again




again, really?

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Creating a bot for runescape is like folding a paper plane and launching it into the air. Creating the same bot for wow is like building your own aircraft. Comparing the 2 is like comparing apples and toilets.


All the best stuff in wow is BoE or BoA, they pretty much have no use for gold in that game outside of toys and mounts. Of course they will have less bots.


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Doesn't battle.net include WoW as well as Starcraft and all of the other blizzard stuff?

Barrows: 9~2 V Brass,V Flail,2 Dh Plate,V Helm,V Skirt,T Legs,Malevolent Shield DKing: 48~6 W Ring,13 A Ring,8 M Staff,9 S Ring,7 B Ring,3 Seercull
Dragon Drops: 405~46 Med,26 Axe,3 Chain,8 Legs,9 Spear,2 D2h,8 L Half,49 Boots,2 Skirt,2 DDs,9 Lump,8 Claws,56 Dagger,13 Visage,74 Mace,4 Scimitar,2 Hasta,Baxe,51 Long,29 Royal,2 Kite,Ward,Plate,Staff,Hammer
GWD: 151~4 S Staff,72 Shard,9 B Tass,13 B Plate,5 B Boots,6 A Plate,11 S Sword,8 A Hilt,3 A Skirt,9 A Helm,S Hilt,3 B Hilt,B Glove,2 A Buckler,Z Ward,Z Garb,Z Boots,B shield

Corp: 3~Elysian,2 Sp Sh Nex: 3~Torva Legs,Cere,P cowl + GWD2: 6~2 Glaive,Wand,2 Crest,Blade Araxyte: 5~Web,3 Pheromone,Fang + Raids: 4~3 Codex,P Boots 

Etc: 57~3 Sceptre,B Mask,16 Whip,2 Focus Sight,5 D Bow,6 SOL,Ragefire,2 Steadfast,Arma Staff,4 Rider Armor,4 Vine,2 Razorback,2 A Wand,Abby Orb,Blood Shard,5 Hydrix,Gland
[spoiler=Capes]Quest Cape Aquired 12-7-07 ~ Level 93 + + + Completionist Cape Aquired 5-22-15 ~ Level 138
Hitpoints Cape Aquired 9-21-09 ~ Level 131 + Magic Cape Aquired 9-24-09 Attack Cape Aquired 3-5-10 ~ Level 135 Summoning Cape Aquired 3-12-10

Strength Cape Aquired 6-1-11 ~ Level 137 Fire Cape Aquired 6-23-11 Defence Cape Aquired 7-5-11 + Ranged Cape Aquired 8-1-11 Kiln Cape Aquired 2-26-12 ~ Level 138
Dungeoneering Cape Aquired 4-22-12 + Slayer Cape Aquired 6-25-14 ~ Level 200 + Herblore Cape Acquired 12-9-14 ~ Level 138 Prayer Cape Acquired 12-20-14
Agility Cape Acquired 1-4-15 + Hunter Cape Acquired 1-30-15 Construction Cape Acquired 1-31-15 Crafting Cape Acquired 2-22-15 Thieving Cape Acquired 3-18-15
Runecrafting Cape Acquired 4-14-15 Mining Cape Acquired 4-19-15 Fishing Cape Acquired 4-25-15 Firemaking Cape Acquired 4-26-15 Woodcutting Cape Acquired 4-26-15
Cooking Cape Acquired 4-26-15Smithing Cape Acquired 4-28-15 Farming Cape Acquired 4-29-15 Divination Cape Acquired 5-3-15 Dungeoneering Mastery 5-4-15
Fletching Cape Acquired 5-4-15 Max Cape Acquired 5-4-15 + Invention Cape Acquired 11-9-16 Invention Mastery 5-16-19

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Doesn't battle.net include WoW as well as Starcraft and all of the other blizzard stuff?

Yes, it does - and I think totally mentioned that.


Measuring runescape.com vs battle.net is very much not fair to WOW because of the huge amounts of rs players who go through the webpage just to load the client and things such as the GE database, adv logs, and hiscores that wow doesn't have.


I think I need to add more captions next time I do graphs - the biggest things are (if people actually read this far)

1. how visible the botting is to the community - ie. how many times people complain in the official forums

2. how according to google, there is only 1/4 of the search volume for "wow bots" vs "runescape bots" - and this I didn't do is that even the term "rs bots" out do "wow bots" by like 3 to 1. Add them together - you got so much more search volume.


I don't like to write a lot defending google trends -it all gets very pointless - but any long time players can see that it is indeed very accurate in this trend - look at that nice bottoming out after 2007 and wild/ft removal and the humongous peak when they returned it.

I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating - Sophocles


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