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[TWR] Clan Europe -vs- Eternity


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Clan Europe -vs- Eternity


I set up this war with Shin in CE's teamspeak last week, made a change than typical IRC conversations:


  • Matched Ops x2,
  • Classic Map - Center Bounds,
  • Ring Charging Allowed,
  • Dungeoneering NOT Allowed,
  • Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed,
  • North Spawn Attacks and reverse.

Eternity always give us clean fights and with handful of shared members there, we were expecting some good fights.



Round 1: Melee, Binds & Range

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 48

E Starting Ops: 48


We pulled double and cut down. Fight started with us taking an advantage since our target didn't switch prayers. We took the early lead and killed our targets faster. Eternity were able to match kill speed since some of our tanks didn't do too well but the gap was too big to overcome.


CE Ending Ops: 30

E Ending Ops: 0










Round 2: Melee, Binds & Curses

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 54

E Starting Ops: 54


Again, we started strongly with a slight level advantage and took down our targets very efficiently. With some strong tanking and effective sniping right off the bat, we kept a lead and ended strongly.


CE Ending Ops: 42

E Ending Ops: 0











Thanks for the fights Eternity, always a pleasure.



[email protected]~



EU Leader | | CE Retired Admin | | TKO Retired Member | | SE Retired Member

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