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Many clans host their own private award sessions. I'm just curious on what awards you, posters of Tip it CD, have won in your own clan.


Feel free to post awards you have won on fansites as well. (eg. RSC awards)


Here are some of mine:








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I have them combined each year so they don't take up space. Sadly I've never won MOTM though :(


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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Made bank loot in our most recent awards (we do year-end only; 2011 awards are for the 2010 year):

Sexiest, Most Laid Back, Funniest, Most Helpful, Hero, Best Sig Maker









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Don't remember having awards in LGZ.


True Ownage:

Tank of 2009,

Biggest Troll of 2009

Trainer of the Month - January 2010,

Sexiest Accent - Winter 2010,

Best Role Model - Winter 2010.



Best Signature of 2010.

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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